Build a reading nook on a tiny balcony is not hard. You may need pillows, cushions, and a comfy place to read. Reading a book on the balcony will be the most favorite activity ever. It makes you relax, calm, and eventually boosts your mood. Here are some ideas that you can apply to make a cozy reading nook on your small balcony.

Small Balcony With Pillows

Try this simple idea of decorating your tiny balcony as a comfortable reading nook. Just add pillows, cushions and blankets to make you sit while read your most favorite book calmly. Then,  a tiny table with a lavender bucket beautify it.

Standing bookshelves that are installed in this balcony decoration will be more complete and perfect when equipped with modern chairs and small throw pillows to be used as an outdoor reading nook area that will accompany your whole weekend with fun. The combination of wood and iron on this bookshelf is a solid and strong combination because it is not easily porous when used for a long time. Small throw pillow with standing bookshelf from shelterness.

The white wire chairs combined with a round coffee table in the decoration of this small balcony bring a modern and minimalist style. Cover the chair with pillows to make it more soft when used to sit. With this furniture, you can read your favorite book with fresh air and feel. This reading nook made on the balcony doesn’t take up a lot of floors so it doesn’t interfere with your space. Wire chair covered with pillows from shelterness.

Balcony With Large Cushion

Large cushion with pillows are enough for a perfect reading nook at your tiny balcony. Add a touch of greenery and fabric to create boho style. This place will also boost your mind and relax your feeling. Have a nice reading.

Small balconies will be of better use when equipped with large floor pillows. This large pillow will accompany your reading days with a different atmosphere so that it is not easy to get bored, install some warm and bright lighting such as a combination of string ball lights, candle holders and lantern lights that are installed in the floor area. With this you can read the book well and perfectly. Large floor cushions with bright and warm lighting from digsdigs.

Reading Nook With Concrete Bench

This is a budget friendly reading nook for your balcony. Cover the concrete bench with blankets. Add more pillows to have cozy reading nook. After that install cushions and potted flowers for more relaxing area.

Make the corner of your small balcony as a simple and vintage-looking reading nook decoration idea. This concrete bench covered with thick pillows and blankets will make you more comfortable and feel at home for a long time in this area. Don’t forget to add a pot with the same material as a container for blooming flowers that will give you a fragrant aroma that makes you feel more relaxed. Vintage style concrete bench from digsdigs.

Balcony Reading Nook With Modern Wooden Bench

If you wish a modern balcony design but also rustic, try this idea. Here, a wooden bench looks awesome with cushions. The designer adds a small glass top table to keep it looks larger and clean. Even, you still be able to add a pot of green plant.

The rustic and modern style can be combined at the same time by pairing a wooden bench combined with a glass coffee table and some pillows covered with clean green cloth. This wooden bench is also lined with patterned sitting cushions so that it becomes a more comfortable and warm reading area when used at night. You can try it to change the decor of your small balcony. Wooden bench covered with patterned pillows from digsdigs.

Modern Balcony Reading Nook With Cozy Upholstered Chair

For modern reading design that can be copied by anyone, see this idea, a modern balcony reading nook with yellow chair. With graphite grey footrest, this room appears with more patterns. Then, industrial shelving adds unique view.

For decorating the reading nook balcony at this time, you can try using wicker rattan furniture that has been repainted in several different colors as a more colorful balcony feel. This balcony decoration is also equipped with a rattan fence that makes the reading nook area more private and protected from excessive sun exposure. Privacy screen reading nook with colorful rattan furniture from thespruce.

Tiny Balcony With Comfy Metal Chair

Complete the area of your balcony reading nook with cushions and pillows. It looks as simple idea but will give you’re a comfortable place for reading. You may install a small coffee table to put your coffee and snack as well.

If you have a balcony with limited space, then you can turn it into a reading nook as well as a minimalist dining table. This folding metal chair with a floating table is a combination of furniture that does not take up a lot of floor area, cover this chair with a thick woven blanket with a combination of bright bold colors. You can fold this chair when it’s finished in use. Folding metal chair from digsdigs.

Cozy Reading Nook With More Plants

Give a new style with dark stained chair for your balcony will upgrade its look. Then, with white cushions this area appears more sophisticated. Add a pouf and a jute rug for perfect place to enjoy reading books any time.

Green plants are decorations that are always suitable when placed in any room and in any style, this time you can try to apply several types of green plants in the reading nook balcony decoration. In addition to providing fresher air, green plants are also a sight that is not boring at a price that is not too expensive so it is very affordable and easy to have. Different types of green plants from thespruce.

Reading Nook Next To The Window

Create a comfy reading nook in your balcony just by adding a wicker chair and a small table. This area looks awesome because of the books stacked next to the window that will help you easily to reach any books you love.

Next to the window, this apartment has a small room that can be used as a comfortable reading nook balcony without consuming a lot of expenses when making it. You can put some books or magazines on the coffee table to make it easier for you to take and read them. Green plants are the perfect complement and you can easily try. Reading nook balcony with limited space from digsdigs.

Reading Nook With Rattan Furniture

What you need to have a warm reading nook is rattan furniture seat. Cover them with cushions and pillows. This place will be the most favorite nook for any season. Read as many books as you love.

This round rattan chair will be a comfortable sitting area to be used for decorating the reading nook balcony. You can add a small patterned pillow on it for a more comfortable look and sitting area, don’t forget to place a small metal table behind this rattan chair to put drinks, snacks and even a lantern as a dramatic lighting idea. Round rattan chair with small accent pillow from digsdigs.

This coffee table made of rattan is an area for placing books right next to the daybed which is lined with soft pillows. Repaint this rattan table with a darker color to create a beautiful color contrast when paired with the blooming sunflowers, the statue in the corner of the daybed is an artistic addition. Rattan table repainted in a dark color from digsdigs.

Spending your time with your favorite books will bring happiness. Then reading it on the balcony can boost the mood and coziness. These reading nook ideas on the balcony, hopefully, will inspire you.