Having a backyard garden is common in the suburbs; however, if you are living in an urban area, a garden is not something you can easily find. Fortunately, there are still ways to grow greeneries such as flowers and vegetables in this densely populated area. One of the ways is by building a rooftop garden. Even though there are some preparations needed for this type of garden, it will certainly bring a lot of benefits.

Before establishing this garden, you need to make sure that the rooftop is capable of withstanding the weight you are about to put. Growing trees or making a simple lawn on the rooftop will give the building a big burden; thus, planning it is first is a must. If it is handled and you build the garden, you will get a lot of benefits such as better air quality in the residential area and a healthy place to relax with families and friends. When it comes to design, there are many approaches you can choose, consider the ideas below.

Utilize the Limited Space

Not all rooftops have a spacious area. To this certain case, opt for a gardening method which effectively maximizes the space like vertical gardening décor. In this way, you have to be careful to not make the garden look like bursting with all the greenies. Choose the vertical gardening items that suit your rooftop; it might be a stacked pallet planter, ladder planter, or even hanging pot planter. No matter which planter you choose, make sure to arrange it beautifully to achieve the functional as well as the aesthetic effect.

A brilliant spring garden using vertical planters will save you the space you can try. In this way, you have to be careful not to make the garden look full of all the greenery. Combining with shrubs and some of these colorful blooms adds color to your garden. The seating area is added to enjoy the sagar air in the rooftop garden. Vertical planters on rooftop garden from home-designing.

Having a small roof top garden with a touch of greenery will make your garden look beautiful. You can plant fake green grass on vertical walls and floors. Softwood walls and benches are painted in dark colors to complement the house, while the herb planter is made of polystone. Small roof top garden from thespruce.

A modern rooftop garden with green walls designed to produce a neatly arranged garden and give your garden a natural touch. Using a pergola painted gray and a seating area will create a comfortable impression in your garden. Don’t forget to add boxwood and other greenery to complete your garden look. Modern rooftop garden with green walls from thespruce.

The solution to designing a roof garden naturally is to use vertical space in the yard for greenery and privacy. Teak fence with natural colors and vibrant chairs will complete your garden look. This way you will maximize the space in your garden and will give your garden a natural touch. Vertical greenery and wooden fence from thespruce.

Bold and Grande

When you have a huge area of the rooftop for gardening and do not need to think about the weight problem, you might as well go bold and all out. Create several sections of beds for a different type of greeneries. Then, you can build a pathway in your rooftop garden to make people navigate easier and prevent them from trample upon the plants. There are many alternatives, for less weight reference, you can choose soft cedar mulch or hay.

Creating a roof garden or terrace doesn’t just mean having lots of ornamental plants. This decor includes a few rules and patterns for creating a beautiful yet refined space with greenery. You have to choose the right plant, care for it properly, and care for its growth. Using a concrete bed and providing a path in the garden will prevent your friend from trampling on the plants. Rooftop garden with concret gaden bed from pinkvilla.

On the other hand, you also need to be careful about the whole place. choosing a wooden garden bed will create a neat garden that will give it the right look. If you are also thinking of having a beautiful patio garden to improve your skills, you should provide a garden path to prevent them from trampling on the plants. Wooden gaden bed and greenery from gardenista.

To create an elegant and simple rooftop garden, maximizing the space by using a concret garden bed will make the appearance tidier. It will also provide a path for your garden so you won’t step on it. To provide a panoramic view while maintaining privacy you can place strategic walls, planting screens. A pergola focuses the eye without distracting it. Concret garden bed on rooftop garden from gardenista.

Isolated Garden

If you love privacy, plant several tall trees and bamboos to cover your rooftop garden. Besides having your own secret haven, the tress would also produce fresh oxygen to make you relax more in this garden.

Covering the roof with a bamboo hedge is a low maintenance solution that you can choose from. This method will provide your privacy while in the garden. Don’t forget to add two lounge chairs and a wooden dining table set to complement your garden. Some other green plants are added for a natural impression to the room. Fence bambo rooftop garden from balconygardenweb.

Use a bamboo plinth as a cover for your rooftop garden for quick and easy privacy. Bamboo mats look very natural and are ideal for a garden-like setting on a roof. This will also create fresh air so that your garden will look beautiful combined with some other green plants. Complete the look with a small dining table set to enjoy the delama air of the garden. Bamboo mat fence from balconygardenweb.

A vertical roof garden with a shurb fence will provide privacy as long as you are in the garden. Use concrete garden beds for a neat garden finish. Apart from having a secret hiding place, this bookwood will produce fresh oxygen and make you relax in the garden. Don’t forget to add a wooden bench to complete the look. Vertical roof garden with a shurb fence from shelterness.

Those are some brilliant rooftop garden décor you should try!