If you are thinking about hosting your wedding in your backyard, then you come to the right page. A backyard wedding is perfect for couples who love to be outdoors and want a uniquely sentimental feel for their wedding. Except for the intimacy, there are so many benefits of having a backyard wedding, including cost and convenience. Save your money and get ready for your big day.

Whether you are looking for a simple backyard wedding or an elegant one, your theme will drive most of the aesthetic decisions from here on out. For the decorations, you can find many DIY projects that are so easy to make but still can make your special day memorable. And the rustic theme is one of the best outdoor wedding themes that you need to consider. Now check out these rustic backyard outdoor wedding ideas below to inspire you.

Wood Accent

Rustic wedding decoration ideas use a lot of wooden accents, such as pinecones, cedar planks, and wooden crates. These objects have been used for years to beautifully decorate wedding halls and reception sites. For a bride who loves the look and feel of wooden accents on that venue, try having a wooden crate in the center of your venue. You can use the wooden crate to place flower arrangements, to place the signboard to present a truly southwestern touch. You could even line the bottoms of the crates with beautiful fabrics in various rustic shades and finishes.

Adding a chest for this rustic wedding day decoration will steal the attention of many of your guests. Choosing this old chest gives it an antique look. Complete with a rustic garland, green plants and lanterns will create an attractive display. You can put it next to the guest chair so that it will welcome your guests during this wedding. Wooden old chest from weddingforward.

Stacking some old chests for this bakery table and bar idea will make an interesting display for you to try that will steal the attention of many people. You can add some other antiques and line this chest with lace which will make for the perfect room decor. You can use a large galvanized basket to store cold drinks stock during this wedding party. Old chests on wedding rustic from weddingforward.

To welcome invited guests you can put a pile of the old wooden chest and complete with some green plants. Blooming flowers and initials made of moss and lamps will present an attractive room decoration. You can also add some small candles to give a dramatic impression of this rustic wedding aisle. using this wood material will present the perfect decoration. Wooden chest with Blooming flowers and initials from weddingforward.


Candles always bring a natural accent to a rustic wedding theme, so choose to include some candles in your decor. The texture and fragrance of natural candles will be perfect for the overall mood of the reception. Candles can also be incorporated into rustic wedding decoration ideas by having them wrapped in pretty ribbons with wildflowers and wildflower seeds sprinkled throughout. You can place the candles along the aisle or for the table decoration ideas.

Having a unique decoration at a rustic wedding party by adding candles in a jar and complete with white rose petals will create the perfect room decor. Light up the hallway and add a little romance without the hassle or fuss. Placed along the wedding aisle next to the guest chairs will make your wedding decoration more attractive. Rustic wedding party with candles from diys.

Candles in this rustic lantern will make a stylish room decoration and will steal the attention of many people. Placed on the floor next to the guest chairs and added with white rose petals it will make the perfect decoration. Applying natural wax would be perfect for the overall atmosphere of the reception. This makes for attractive room decor. Candles lantern from elegantweddinginvites.

Rustic wedding decorations This time involved some candles and pieces of wood that were placed on the centerpieces table decorations. Applying candles to glass tubes and complete with beautiful ribbons and dried flowers will make your table look more attractive for you to try. The texture and scent of natural candles will be perfect for the overall atmosphere of the reception. Candles on table centerpieces from diys.

Rustic Centerpiece

Rustic centerpieces are another way to add charm to your reception. A round wooden slab can be used if you aim to create an old-fashioned or country feeling for the wedding. You can purchase at your local craft store or you can make one of your own. Use dried flowers, shells, pebbles, and anything else you can find to construct your rustic centerpiece. It would be great if you have a couple of different centerpieces to use so that your guests can mingle and take their time in choosing the right one for their table.

Choosing a rustic flower in a vase and placing it on this piece of wood will make your table decoration more attractive and will steal the attention of many people. This idea would be great if you have a few different centerpieces to work with so your guests can mingle and take the time to choose the right one for their table. Rustic flower centerpieces from deerpearlflowers.

Centerpieces table decorations complete with small wooden crates of flowers in a vase, and a few small candles will produce interesting table decorations for you to try. Placed in the middle of the table will present a decoration that will attract the attention of many of your guests. Choosing rustic flowers will build your country center. Small wooden crates and flower centerpieces from deerpearlflowers.


Another wonderful idea for rustic wedding decorations is to use lanterns as your wedding decorations. There are many different types of lanterns available, and they can be very impressive. The most important thing about selecting a lantern type for your wedding is that it has a natural look to it. For example, a rustic-looking lantern would not look right if it was made out of stained glass or had lots of frills on it. Choose a lantern that has a nice worn look to it, and is made out of wood that is similar to that of your rustic venue.

This wooden lantern which is equipped with rustic blooming flowers and placed on this wedding table will make the perfect decoration and will steal the attention of your guests. A rustic-looking lantern won’t look great if it’s made of stained glass or has a lot of decoration on it. Placed in the middle of the table will produce a charming decoration. A design like this will enliven your rustic wedding decor. Wooden lantern centerpieces from homebnc.

Lanterns are always the way to go when it comes to barn-style weddings. You can add some greenery and flowers to create fresh air and a natural feel. The pieces of wood for this tray will do a great job of making the perfect table decoration. This unique decoration is an interesting and fun addition. This blooming flower will make a unique display. White lantern centerpieces from diys.

Having a dreamed wedding day is such a pleasant thing. Since this a memorable day so decorating it well is very important. Then, if you can have this event in your backyard it would be more give more benefits. So, these rustic backyard outdoor wedding ideas hopefully will inspire you.