Scandinavian interior design is famous for its simplicity and functionality. It is also true with a Scandinavian living room. You can design it into a functional space that is clean and inviting at the same time. Plenty of aesthetic ideas are out there to help you create this Nordic warm and cozy living room.

White and Grey Shades

For a calming Scandinavian interior, combine the neutral white tone with the grey hues. Choose grey in lighter shades for a calmer look. If you want to make a contrasting visual statement, go for darker grey hues instead.

Using gray and white in Scandinavian interior design is worth trying, because it has a warm and calm look. A gray sofa, a gray wood floor already represents this decor. Don’t forget to paint the white walls to give the effect of a spacious and bright room. The large window next to the sofa also creates a spacey effect. Gray and white in Scandinavian interior from home-designing.

This light gray wall nuance exudes a warm and serene charm when you are in this living room. Combined with wooden floors complete with gray carpets, leather chairs and soft white sofas will complement the interior design of this living room. Don’t forget to add a black and white framed wall decor to make it the perfect focal point of the room. Light gray wall nuance from home-designing.

An Open-Space Concept

Create a spacious interior by painting your living room in white, choosing the right functional and decorative items, as well as avoiding any unnecessary clutters. Large glass windows are also a brilliant idea.

You can combine the design of an open space living with a minimalist dining room and a small kitchen. Using the all-white room concept will also present a spacious room effect so that your living room will look spacious. This white painted wooden floor and some greenery will give a natural touch to this Scandinavian living room. Large windows are also an interesting room decoration idea for you to try because they provide a bright appearance. All-white room open space concept scandinavian living room from homedit.

Using the open space concept in this Scandinavian living room you have to give the best interior design and not make your room look cramped. The white shades on the large walls and windows will provide a bright and airy d├ęcor, which is why you should apply them in this Scandinavian living room. A touch of natural impression is present on the wooden floor and several other green plants. Open space concept scandinavian living room from homedit.

More Vibrant Accents

Compliment the neutral tone of your Scandinavian living room with colorful splashes. You may go for bolder colors and patterns for other functional and decorative accessories. Apply those contrasting colors, for example, to your rugs, sofa pillows, lighting fixtures, or vases.

You can mix white nunasa in this living room with bold colored furniture. Such chairs and mustard yellow cushions will be the perfect focal point of the room and will give your guests an inviting feeling. Combined with gray sofas, gray carpets, and wooden floors will also provide an attractive room decoration for you to try Skearnag. Some framed doinding decorations also provide a stunning look. Chairs and mustard yellow cushions from home-designing.

This Scandinavian interior decor in black and white tones gives it an eye-catching look. Add a sofa and a mustard rug to make the room the perfect focal point and will add color to this living room decor. Add lighting from a black hooded floor lamp for an eye-catching look. Sofa and a mustard rug from home-designing.

Overhead Skylight

Scandinavian interior design loves the idea of natural light, plenty of them. Adding overhead skylights in a glass will allow the sunlight rays to your stunning neutral-colored space and furniture. It undoubtedly will be very inviting.

The selection of this overhead skylight window really creates perfect sunlight and will make your room brighter and more spacious. Combined with this all-white nunasa, it will create a spacious and airy room decoration for you to try. Gray sofas and ottoman, soft lounge chairs and storage of a collection of books complete the interior appearance of your living room. Green potted plants also add a touch of fresh air to this Scandinavian living room. Overhead skylight window from home-designing.

A Reading Nook

Why don’t you add a cozy reading nook in your living room? You may add a super comfy chair with its plushy cushion or sheepskin blanket. As for the chair, you may go with the authentic or iconic Scandinavian style furniture. Or, you can opt for a more exotic rattan chair.

Creating a corner reading room will add extra comfort to this Scandinavian living room. Using rattan chairs and complete with faux fur pillows and blankets will make the room feel comfortable. You can also add the plants in a pot to create fresh air into the room. This idea is an interesting Scandinavian room decoration for you to try. Reading nook scandinavian living room from homebnc.

Complementing Artworks

Pick out work of arts that will not only complement but also compliment your Scandinavian room. A white and black self-portrait, abstract painting in pastel colors, and more are some of the brilliant options.

Complementing the Scandinavian living room decor with this black and white framed wall gallery is the perfect focal point of the room and will steal the attention of your guests. Combined with the nuances of a white room and white wood floors, it will give this living room a spacious and airy feel. The touch of natural materials from carpets, chairs, and wooden pallets under the sofa will give a rustic feel to the room. Don’t forget to add a modern hanging fireplace to warm your body. Black and white framed wall gallery from home-designing.

Unique Chandeliers

Here, you can opt for modern transparent balloon chandeliers or industrial chandeliers in black finished metal construction. They are aesthetically stunning for functional and decorative lighting fixtures.

The right lighting will create a dramatic Scandinavian living room look and will make for an interesting room decor for you to try. This industrial-style metal chandelier creates an engaging space. You can place it on the coffee table to create an attractive appearance. Large floor-to-ceiling windows also give this living room a bright and airy impression. Industrial-style metal chandelier from home-designing.

By mix and matching colors, patterns, and styles, you can even set the mood of your inviting Scandinavian living room.