If you want to decorate your space with a style that is popular and still going strong, shabby chic is all you need. Shabby chic is an eclectic style that mixes antique furniture with pastel colors, lace, and feminine florals. This style is often also referred to as country chic or vintage chic. Still not sure with this style?

Shabby chic is perfect for you who love a soft and dreamy style. Shabby chic design and vintage home decor are easy and inexpensive to achieve. All you need is upcycled or adding antique furniture that is easy to be found. If you need inspiration to decor your bedroom with a shabby chic look, check out these shabby chic bedroom design ideas below to inspire you.

Repurposed Items

When you want to achieve a shabby chic nuance in your bedroom, go for repurposed items. This item is able to bring a vintage vibe in an inexpensive way. It makes it easy for you to decorate your bedroom without breaking your budget and gives personality to your room. For example, you can use an unused suitcase for the side table in your bedroom. Another idea is the old door that can be used for the headboard or old windows for the wall decoration. The repurposed items can bring a vintage vibe to the bedroom decor.

Reuse some of your old suitcases as nightstand ideas in bedroom d├ęcor for better use. You can arrange it vertically so that it will be higher or can be parallel to the height of your bed. Nightstand suitcases give a unique vintage impression and of course not many people think of, you can try it easily without spending any expenses at all. Old suitcase used as a nightstand from homebnc.

Are you looking for a natural and inexpensive headboard? If so, then you can use the old door as a repainted headboard with a combination of bright pastel colors and a feminine impression. In addition, the repainted headboard door will also look cleaner and match with matching colored bedding. String light with tassel accents is a beautiful lighting as well as wall decoration. DIY old door headboard from homebnc.

This old door made of reclaimed wood can be reused as a wall decoration idea by placing it in the shabby chic bedroom area which is equipped with vintage paintings and mirrors underneath. This door has a beige color that fits perfectly with any other colored interior that is around it. This time-consuming iron chair can be used as a nightstand idea to put table lamps and flower vases. Wall decoration with old doors and paintings from homebnc.

Feminine Theme

Shabby chic decoration style can’t be separated from the feminine theme with explosion of flowers, pink, beads, and ruffle. In the past, those aspects will be very highlighted and impressed too much. So that the decoration looks crowded and overwhelmed. In today’s updated look, the shabby chic decor more simple and chic with a minimalist touch. While the distressed wood, floral pattern, painted furniture, pastel color, and cozy fabric are still present in proportional way without reduce the main shabby chic style.

The combination of floral patterns with polka dots on the bedding in this shabby chic bedroom decor provides a beautiful contrasting look and of course it can blend perfectly in the room decor with a clean white nuance. Here you can also use colored and patterned curtains to make it more harmonious and not damage the color tone of the room, which will be popular this year. Combination of floral pattern with polka dot bedding from homebnc.

Don’t focus too much on floral patterns to bring out a feminine vibe, you can also use pink wood interiors such as a bench placed under a white bed. The combination of the two colors in this bedroom will blend perfectly without giving a boring color contrast and causing the room to easily look boring. Pink wooden bench from homebnc.

This floral blanket in pastel green color can be applied over a ruffle bed with the right and neat layout. This blanket will help warm your body when the weather in the room starts to feel cold. It’s not enough to stop here, this blanket is also an important accent that is suitable for decorating a shabby chic bedroom. Floral blanket in pastel colors from homebnc.

This ruffled bedding and pillowcase with a splash of pink is one of the accents that brings a feminine feel to the shabby chic bedroom decor. Another pink color can be applied to a slim flower vase placed on a nightstand as a decoration that refreshes the room while providing a soft and fragrant aroma that will relax your body throughout the day. Pink ruffle bedding from homebnc.

Serene Nuance

It is very important to pay attention the color scheme in shabby chic bedroom decor. The hallmark of shabby chic decor is lots of white. White was chosen because this color is able to create a serene and calming nuance that needed for the cozy bedroom decor. You can apply this color for the wall, curtain, and even the bedding set. The combination of white color and soft fabric of the bedding will make the shabby chic bedroom decor more comfortable.

White is one of the colors that dominates your shabby chic bedroom decor, so it is very easy to combine it with other interiors around it with any color, including patterned wallpaper with splashes of neutral and unobtrusive colors. A flower vase with pastel green color becomes a beautiful bold color when perfected with pink flowers blooming on it. White nuance shabby bedroom from digsdigs.

Avoid using flashy colors in the shabby bedroom decoration because this will ruin the feel of the room, usually using only neutral colors. In this room you can add other colors through blooming flowers on the bedding as a decoration as well as a warm welcome for your guests or friends who will stay at your house. Paintings and headboards made of reclaimed wood are also suitable interiors that you can apply together. Avoid using flashy colors from digsdigs.

If you feel bored with the feel of a shabby bedroom, then you can apply some ring wall decorations that are perfected with green plants on the sidelines. In addition, the use of patterned bedding with pastel colors also adds a suitable and unusual color. Cover the wooden floor with classic rugs for a warmer and more comfortable footrest, you can decorate your shabby chic bedroom to the fullest. White shabby bedroom with greenery accent from digsdigs.

These are some ideas of shabby chic bedroom design. This design not only can bring a vintage vibe but also brings the convenience.