Your small apartment living room should not inhibit you from personalizing it and expressing yourself. In fact, it should awaken your creative side to try and experiment with colors, textures, and objects in all possible manners.

While decorating is a fun thing to do, it can sometimes be frustrating if you do not know when to pause, reconsider, and redo should you encounter a stumbling block. Find below the small apartment living room décor ideas to save the hassle from guess work of how to start the project.

Bring in the Living Color

Plants are a must-have in any living room, be it huge or small. It makes your room appear healthier and fresher. Small spaces particularly can make you feel like being under pressure, thus uncomfortable.

Therefore, a healthy and fresh look in the room can completely improve the mood. Simply bring in a colorful plant into the room then you can have that fresh and comfortable atmosphere.

If you have crisp white walls and neutral staples, such as a sofa and coffee table, pick one statement item that carries a colorful wave of energy. This can be anything, you can add some colored plants like flowers in a vase and big greenery in the corner of the room. This will improve your mood in the small living room of your apartment. This pink carpet will also add color to your white guest money. Colorful blooms on pot from housebeautiful.

If you’re trying to create the cozy living room you’ve been dreaming of and put white aside, you might want to rethink. With this decoration, the living room in white can be the most attractive place in your home. You can add some colorful potted plants for the perfect contrast. So that the living room of this small farmhouse-style apartment will give you an amazing burst of color. Lavender plant in pot from countryliving.

A variety of patterns, colors, shapes and materials make this small bohemian apartment studio indisputable. The room is filled with free-spirited elements, from colorful plants potted to hardwood floors to cushions and bold carpets. Combined with white nuances, it will make your living room decor look wider and brighter. This way you will get fresh air in your living room. Colorful plants potted from apartmenttherapy.

Throw in the Large Rug

The next apartment living room décor idea is by throwing a larger rug. It is a trick that can make your room feel bigger and prettier, including the bold ones. It does not visually disintegrate the floor, but rather spruces it up and serves as a focal point to design the room around.

An organized and tidy space will always appear larger and more inviting. Using a large geometric patterned rug under the sofa will provide a focal point for your living room. Giving it a cluttered space will give it a messy look, so you should get rid of clutter in smart ways from decorative baskets to storage furniture. Plants in the corner of the room will give a natural impression and this is worth a try. Large geometric patterned rug from apartmentlist.

Placing a large gray rug in the living room is perfect for creating a larger space and will provide the perfect focal point. This way it is a great idea for you to decorate your room. Combined with some matching colored furniture will create a cheerful room. A single sofa, contemporary coffee table and a touch of greenery will complement your home décor. Large gray rug from homebnc.

This nude rug in a geometric pattern looks great for adding a warm touch to the living room decor of your small apartment. Especially if you have a modern living room style, this rug will complement the look of your room very well. Complete this décor with an L-shaped sofa and a contemporary style coffee table to give the room some style. Nude rug geometric pattern from homebnc.

If you have a small apartment living room design, adding a large geometric rug will make it even more beautiful. This rug has a black and white tone to enhance your room decor to become more luxurious with its abstract touch. Applying to a bohemian living room furnished with leather poufs seems like a great idea. Large geometric rug from homebnc.

Add Vertical Stripes

Small room can feel very cramped, especially if you have a low ceiling. To outsmart it, decorate your walls with vertical stripes to make it appear higher.

Black and white will never fail wherever you place it. Even this living room looks absolutely stunning with the black and white stripes on the walls and curtains. In this way you will get the illusion of your lofty living room. Don’t add too much furniture because it will make the room cramped and feel cramped. Black and white striped wall from homedesignlover.

Hang a Statement Art

The only rule about decorating a small apartment living room with a statement art is picking a simple large piece of art and hanging it on a neutral colored wall. One large piece is all you need.

To provide the perfect focal point for your room, you can add a large wall decoration in the form of a sea painting that is installed on one of the living room walls of your small apartment. This painting will grab your guests’ attention and make the perfect decoration for the room. Combined with white walls and a leather sofa with a wooden coffee table, it provides the perfect contrast. Large sea painting from architecturaldigest.

Having a small apartment living room will give you the perfect decoration if you add one large painting to the wall. This painting will be the focal point of the room and will make your living room look more stylish. Added sconces next to the painting will add an extra light source without taking up space on the floor or side table. Choose an eye-catching design that also serves as a wall sculpture for light and style. Large painting on small apatmen from architecturaldigest.

In addition, choose your furniture and textures in neutral colors. To avoid stagnancy, add one contrasting piece at the center such as a black metallic coffee table.

What do you think of these apartment living room décor ideas? Are you ready to decor your living room?