Surely, not everyone is blessed with a large backyard. However, do not ever think that your small backyard cannot be transformed into a great “oasis”. Ergo, check out these must-try garden ideas to stand out your backyard landscaping design. Also, these landscaping hacks won’t make you fritter so much money away.

1.     Choose an Affordable Garden Decking

Garden wood decking is sought-after because it can provide a comfortable hangout space in the backyard. Unfortunately, wood-based decking requires big money. So, for those seeking cheaper garden decking option, this can be replaced using PVC or rubber paving. Unlike wood, both are not easily rotted due to extreme weather changes, too.

Use a wooden deck as a lounging area in your backyard and for softer, warmer footwear. Just add a rattan wicker chair covered with soft and foam pillows, don’t forget to cover this wooden deck at the bottom of the coffee table for a more elegant and polite look. The surrounding greenery makes for a fresh accent. Wooden deck with wicker rattan furniture from trees.

The teak wood that is applied to this patio deck becomes the footwear as well as the most comfortable area outside the room that you can use to accompany you all weekend beautifully and of course save costs. Install a wooden chair that has a longer size so that it can be used by quite a number of people, the electric fireplace is a body warm accent that can be used whenever you want. Teak wood patio deck from trees.

2.     Set Up Water Features

Another cost-effective garden idea to try is by installing water features in your petite backyard. The sound released from water features can help calm the mind by creating a soothing ambiance to the yard. You can also use it as a focal point in your garden landscaping project. What’s more, this is easily made from used stuff such as plant pots, stone piles, and used wine barrels.

If you have an empty space in a small backyard area, then building a small fish pond will never fail to decorate your garden. Surround this natural fish pond with green plants that have different types. This fish pond is made of natural stone which can be found around your home easily and is very cost-effective. Decorative stone fish pond surrounded by green plants from hgtv.

Complete the small backyard garden decoration with a vertical water wall fountain to provide the sound of splashing water which makes the outdoor atmosphere more relaxed and suitable for a relaxing area with your family or friends who come to your house. The surrounding greenery provides a refreshing and soothing decoration during the day or night. Vertical water wall fountain from hgtv.

3.     Opt for Low-Maintenance Plants                                          

If you look for cheap and easy landscaping garden ideas, then choose low-maintenance plants to beautify your yard. Go with easy-to-grow plants for your small garden. Like for example, you can consider some barberries, liriope, or smoke trees. They are drought-tolerant and can also provide a superb look.

Green plants that have different types are a beautiful backyard decoration and are not easily boring. You can use pots of different sizes to add an artistic impression. Use clay material in this pot to make it more sturdy and durable. This yellow woven chair is a beautiful bold color. Green plants with clay pots from goodhousekeeping.

The backyard garden decoration will look more different and more beautiful with the vines applied to the wooden fence vertically. You can also use the floor area to put a few potted ornamental plants that make the garden feel fresher and cooler. Do not forget to use folding wood as furniture that can be moved to another area so that it is easier to move when not in use. Vines and potted floor area from goodhousekeeping.

4.     Create Some Garden Boxes

It is undeniable that garden boxes can provide a layer of charm for the backyard appearance. They also are so functional, keep your precious plants from being trampled on, and of course, make your garden very well-organized.

In order for your green plants to avoid animals or humans, you can use iron garden boxes with boxes that have a longer height. This iron material will be sturdier and stronger for a long time because it is more resistant to all outdoor weather. Mount these garden boxes along stone paths furnished with white gravel accents. Iron garden boxes from onekindesign.

The wood material of the garden boxes will be more environmentally friendly when placed in backyard decorations on a budget. Besides that, wood is also easier to blend with nature. Use some greenery consisting of plant seeds or fruit, avoid repainting wooden garden boxes for a more natural look. Wooden garden boxes from onekindesign.

5.     Build a Container Gardening

Landscape your small backyard with container gardening. Firstly, its arrangement can be easily adjusted with the available space. Secondly, you can set it as a point of interest in your backyard landscaping design.

Make one area in the small backyard with colorful pots filled with different types of green plants for a different look and atmosphere. Ceramic pots are the right choice for a more shiny and modern style, you can place them in the corner of the garden to prevent the pot from rolling over and causing it to break. Colorful ceramic pots from lushome.

Ceramic pots in beautiful colors and patterns can be used in a small garden area as a lovely outdoor decoration. You can find these pots at the nearest grocery store for a modest price. Label the wood on this plant according to the name or type of plant to let people who see it. Repainting the pots with this colorful paint will make your garden more cheerful. Colorful patterned pots from lushome.

Finally, do not always think that larger space is everything to create a stunning backyard garden. The ideas above, for instance, can help you to make your backyard landscaping project a success without having to drain your savings.