If your bedroom has a tight space, performing the correct storage plan is much needed. However, your storage organization should not be overdone or even lacking. There must be a balance in it so that you can make the bedroom seem more clutter-free and neater. Thus, head over to the following storage ideas and get all the hacks you need.

1.     Purchase a Captain’s Bed for Long-Term Investment

The bed takes up most of the space in our sleeping room. So, it would be a brilliant idea to get a captain’s bed, which can provide built-in storage underneath. This type of bed is quite pricey for sure, but it would be a good, long-term investment for your petite bedroom.

The comfortable captain bed ideal for beach decor lovers is the perfect design for storing your belongings in style. Adding this blue canopy will provide the perfect contrast so you will get a charming bedroom décor. Equipping the bed with drawers will make it easier for you to store things neatly and avoid clutter. Vintage furniture, wooden floors and carpets complement the décor of the room. Captain bed on bedroom from goodhousekeeping.

2.     Use a Metal Clothes Rack to Hang Your Outfits

Aside from the bed, your wardrobe will be another bulky stuff to manage. Then get a metal clothing rack to arrange your regularly-used outfits. However, take note that this storage option will work only for those who do not have tons of clothes.

These copper and wood shelves for shoe holders make the perfect little bedroom decor that will grab people’s attention. Using this storage will only work for those who don’t have a lot of clothes on. In addition, this idea will create a spacious room and avoid clutter. You can pair it with a storage hanger to place your hat collection and place your shoes on a wooden plank under this copper shelf. Copper and wood shelves from digsdigs.

This minimalist white metal clothes rack makes for a stylish little bedroom decor. These decorating ideas will organize your outfit so that it will make the room tidy and free from clutter. You have to arrange it neatly so that it will create a stylish room. Adding a shoe collection under this shelf will also tidy up the room. This type of storage will work for those who don’t have a lot of clothes on. White metal clothes rack from digsdigs.

The hardwood shelves and steel will bring a sturdy look to your clothes rack. It is also able to tidy up your clothes so they will add to the neat decor of the room. Apart from hanging clothes, you can also neatly organize your shoe collection. The clothes rack will complement the industrial bedroom decor and create a stylish room. Place it in the corner of the room so it doesn’t take up much space. Hardwood and steel clothes rack from digsdigs.

3.     Create the Illusion of Large Space by Placing a Mirrored Wardrobe

For those seeking some storage ideas for the bedroom, this option should be considered. A mirrored wardrobe can improve your bedroom appearance by creating a great visual illusion. Surely, its space-enhancing effect can make your bedroom feel more spacious.

Having mirror doors for bedroom furniture can have advantages in both practicality and style. They will reflect natural light and add dimension to the room, making it feel more open, airy, and spacious. It is also good to have a wardrobe to keep it neat and not messy. You can combine it with white nuances and vintage furniture for an attractive room design. Mirror doors on bedroom from homedit.

Having this small bedroom lighting idea presents the perfect room decoration by using a wardrobe equipped with glass doors that will present the illusion of a spacious and bright room. The white nuance also creates the illusion of a spacious room, you can combine it with wooden floors and tribal-patterned rugs for a warm impression into the room. Large mirror wardrobe from homedit.

4.     Install a Wall Mirror with Shelf to Provide More Storage Option

Not only functional, but this bedroom storage option can also help to accentuate your wall. You can store all your accessories items there, or even hanging your most-worn jewelry on it. Most of all, it is not bulky.

The mirror features a charming farmhouse-style design. Its authentic rustic look comes from the reclaimed wood planks used for the built-in frames. The bottom shelf with a metal accent is able to hold everything inside. You can use this to get the perfect storage idea that will grab people’s attention. Mirror with shelf from homedit.

5.     Maximize the Space Above Your Headboard by Placing Floating Racks

The area above your headboard could be another your storage opportunity. Thus, place some floating racks there. Then use the racks to showcase your favorite books or place some decorative indoor plants.

A different idea is to have a bed pinned to a large wall unit. You can add open shelves to hold some collections of framed art and other ornaments. The built-in open shelves provide perfect lighting which makes for tidy room décor. Dark tones are paired with large windows and wooden floors for a warm and inviting space. Don’t forget that the carpet under the mattress makes a comfortable room. Built-in storage with open shelves from homedit.

Hidden shelves and wall units are space-efficient and work well in combination with almost any type of bed. The soft headboard can be equipped with a set of shelves at the top of the wall for storing various ornaments and book collections. Don’t forget to add the perfect lighting for a dramatic room. You can add some built-in storage to bring out a neat décor in the room. Hidden shelves and wall units from homedit.

Many beds have a headboard which is included in their design and structure. This makes things easier but also limits the design and decoration possibilities. Even so, there are many ways to use a standard bed combined with extra shelves or units. You can display several framed collections and several book collections to make an attractive room. Table lamps also give the room a dramatic and bright impression. Open shelf above headboard from homedit.

Got some great inspiration? Then get started with the storage ideas above to enhance your small bedroom appearance!