Many small pool ideas boast beautiful, stylish designs that rival their gargantuan counterparts. Called dipping pool or plunge pool, the structure is quite flexible. You can build them indoor or near other structures, like patio, yard, or the wing of the house.

Do not let the small size hamper your creativity. Make your dipping pool an unforgettable part of your home by using one of these design ideas.

1.     Letter-Shaped Small Pool

Not many people have letter-shaped pools at home, so why don’t you? Small pool is a perfect structure for experimenting with shape. A letter shape (such as your initial) make the pool look more unique and personal.

Equipped with an ultraviolet sanitation system, this shallow “P” shaped pool also functions as a bath water feature. A water wall with glass tiles complements the white plaster pool, and poolside seating provides a place to soak or dry out in the sun. This in-ground concrete pool is raised 18 inches from deck level. Make the pool look more unique and personal. “P” shaped pool from thespruce.

This is a small circular pool, next to the larger figure eight style pool. Round pools are great for smaller side pools for kids, as larger pools may be deeper for adults. With this idea your child will feel happy because the shape of the letter O and this water will complement the decor and create a focal point in your garden. Adding some greenery and green grass will give a fresh impression to this garden. Small circular pool from homestratosphere.

2.     Round Pool with Jacuzzi

Make your round pool more inviting by adding a Jacuzzi. This shape is one of the most popular small pool ideas because of the double functions. You can create double round pools, separated between the dipping place and the Jacuzzi tub.

We really love the lights in this pool area and of course, the circular hot tub is no exception as it has lovely blue lights too. This shape is one of the most popular small pool ideas because of its multiple functions. You can separate the shower area and the jacuzzi tub so that you will linger in this bath. You can also add a slide and a few piles of rocks to make a pool decoration that catches the eye of a large crowd. Circular pool and jacuzzi tub from homedesignlover.

This amazing hot tub near the pool is becoming the most popular idea due to its multiple functions. See how it closes with beautiful lines and curves. The floor tiles and flowers contribute a lot to its appearance. By adding a jacuzzi, it will make you linger for a long swim because the warm water makes you feel at home in this pool. Round jacuzzi from homedesignlover.

3.     Freeform Pool

Another unique design that is made more convenient with the small size, a freeform shape makes your pool look artful. The twisting line creates a more contemporary touch, turning your pool into a work of art.

This free-form swimming pool invites homeowners to stay overnight and enjoy the region’s fresh air. The crooked lines create a more contemporary touch, turning your pool into a work of art. You can also add jets of water to let the water circulate and create pool decorations that will grab people’s attention. Using natural stone tiles will make your decor more attractive and create the perfect look. Free-form swimming pool from homedesignlover.

This may be a simple free form pool but it can certainly provide fresh water and relaxation for homeowners. Its unique design will create the perfect garden decoration for you to try on and give it a look that will grab the attention of a large crowd. Adding purple light accents will give the illusion of a lively pool and will create a stunning contemporary touch. Free form pool from homedesignlover.

4.     Small Pool with Mosaic Tiles

If you want to stick with a standard shape, why not getting creative with the tiles? Choose mosaic tiles to adorn the walls and bottom of the pool. During the day, these tiles will reflect the light and boast beautiful shades. You can install small mosaic tiles or create specific images at the bottom.

The idea of using mosaic tiles in a square swimming pool is worth trying because the unique design will also create light and give a beautiful impression. Choosing black, silver, and gold also creates an elegant and inviting pool. These tiles will decorate the pool walls and will create a unique garden look for you to try. This pool exudes a luxurious impression and will make your garden more stylish. Black, silver, and gold mosaic tile from nextluxury.

This mosaic tile on a swimming pool will work great because its unique design will also reflect light and give it a pretty look. Decorating with tiles will give you an interesting look for you to try and will steal the attention of many people. Using a blue color scheme will also make your pool look fresh and inviting. Don’t forget to add a sitting area next to the pool to enjoy tea while sipping fresh air in your garden. Blue mosaic tile swimming pool from nextluxury.

5.     Narrow Backyard Pool

Match your pool with the backyard area size by creating a narrow square shape. It allows you to get cozy while still being able to swim back and forth. Surround the pool with stone tiles, wall, backyard seats, and plants to make it cozier.

Completing the backyard with this small rectangular pool makes you feel comfortable while still being able to swim back and forth. You can surround this pool with some natural bricks and green grass to create a fresh and natural garden. Adding a seating area all in white and pegola will make you feel at home lingering in the garden while sipping tea. Small rectangular pool from shelterness.

You can customize the backyard area by adding a small pool because it will create a fresh and inviting garden. Completing the look with a wooden deck and wooden fence will also make your garden look more attractive. A seating area with lounge chairs and some greenery will give this garden a fresh and natural feel. This idea will add a comfort level to your garden. Small swiming poll with wooden deck from shelterness.

Small pool ideas can be more creative and diverse than large ones. Turn your mini pool into a beautiful feature of your home with unique ideas.