Just because you have a tiny kitchen space, doesn’t mean you cannot make it stand out in the crowds. Stay with us a little longer. Here, we’ll uncover some clever small kitchen design ideas to help you decorate a good-looking, uncluttered cooking area that will blow everyone’s mind.

Pick Multifunctional Furniture

One of the smart small kitchen ideas is to simplify your kitchen as much as you can. Rather than filling your cooking space with plenty of furnishings, pick multifunctional pieces to declutter your kitchen and create a more spacious look. To start off, choose a kitchen island or peninsula that offers functional spots for cooking, dining, washing, and features built-in storage.         

A kitchen island equipped with a stove will make it easier for you to cook in an interesting way. You can also use this island kitchen to prepare food so that you will get a multifunctional room decoration. The small kitchen design in rustic style creates a warm feeling into the room. Don’t forget to add an industrial-style pendant lamp for a dramatic glow. Kitchen island with stove from onekindesign.

In addition to washing, preparing food, and serving as a dining table, this kitchen island is equipped with drawer storage and a woven basket. So that it will present a multifunctional furniture design. Using this white marble countertop will create an elegant impression in the decoration of the room. Don’t forget to add a lantern chandelier over the kitchen island for the perfect lighting. Kitchen island with drawer storage from onekindesign.

A small kitchen with multi-functional furniture will not take up much space and will not make your room stuffy. You can use this kitchen island furniture to wash and prepare food easily. It also serves as a dining table while in this small kitchen. Add some stoll chairs to give a comfortable feeling to the room. Using a granite counter top will create an elegant look Kitchen island with granite countertop from bhg.

Using a multifunctional kitchen island that can be used to wash dishes and serve food is the perfect small kitchen decoration for you to try. Don’t forget to add a few high chairs to give the room a comfortable impression and you will get a small, multifunctional kitchen. To enhance your appearance, you can use a combination of green in the cabinet and shades of white. Wooden floors will also add a warm and rustic feel to the room. Multifunctional kitchen island from bhg.

Fill Your Kitchen with Mirrors

Installing mirrors is a smart solution to make the room seem larger and more open. To do so, you may consider installing mirror walls and connect your cooking space with the outdoor area. Otherwise, choose large windows to let natural light streaming in, making your kitchen brighter and feel roomy. You can also place mirrors behind sinks, cooktops, or attach them to the cabinet doors – all can bring spacious effect as well.         

Mirrors in the kitchen help reflect other kitchen surfaces and illuminate the walls or entire parts of the room. The kitchen sink mirror top idea is one of the many great ideas when considering placing it in the kitchen. Using this wooden frame will create a rustic impression into the room. You can also use the white subway tile backsplash to enhance the look. Kitchen sink mirror top from decoholic.

Mirrors over kitchen sinks or replacing kitchen tiles are a thing of the past that are starting to reappear in modern interiors. Popular in the 70s, this decorative detail used to be associated with old bars and restaurants, but it brings an element of welcome surprise to outer space. Adding this decoration will make your kitchen look spacious and bright because of the light reflection. Wooden furniture and stone stone floors bring a rustic feeling to the room. Wall mirrors small kitchen from decoholic.

Use a paneled mirror to reflect natural light from the opposite window so that it will trick your eyes into the impression of a spacious and airy room. Placing over this farmhouse kitchen sink will provide the perfect décor. Adding an open shelf next to the mirror will also spruce up your room. Paneled mirror above sink from decoholic.

Space-Friendly Storage is a Must

When space is at a premium, you should always try some creative ways to get extra spots for storing your kitchen supplies and utensils. The best solution is to maximize the wall area. Use pegboard, trellis, or pot rail to organize all the kitchen essentials in style. You can also install wall-mounted shelves that come with various sizes and types – allowing you to have functional storage in any vertical space you like.            

A contemporary kitchen with pegboard walls offers ample storage space. This idea will make the perfect focal point in your small kitchen decor. Adding corner storage will also spruce up any room decor. Wooden furniture will also create a warm room decoration and still look elegant. Contemporary pendant lights add style to this small kitchen. Wooden pegboard walls from decoist.

Metal pegboard walls are durable for this modern industrial kitchen and will make it easy to store some of your cookware. Place it next to the sink and your kitchen will look attractive. Ideas will create a focal point in your kitchen. Add a hook to hang your cutlery on this pegboard. You can combine it with a stainless steel backslpash and counter to make it easier for you to clean. Metal pegboard from decoist.

Bar pots are an inexpensive option that will add extra storage space to any kitchen. The stem is 39 inches long with an S-shaped hook, and its strong iron construction can support multiple cooking utensils. The industrial-style rail consists of two pipes connected by connectors, and requires only a few simple tools for installation. This rod works well with all kinds of pots and pans, as well as lids and utensils, and is a cost-effective solution for small kitchens. Pot bar storage from thespruce.

Other than those three solutions, you may also try other simple but effective small kitchen Ideas – such as painting your cooking area with bright colors and picking the right lighting fixtures that can bring an airy feel to the room. So, are you ready to give a spacious look to your kitchen now? Anyway, which design idea do you like the most?