Despite its importance in keeping your house clean, the laundry room is often overlooked when it comes to decorating. Indeed, washing your daily clothes isn’t much of a stylish activity, but a chic, well-furnished space will make the process even more enjoyable. To make it visually appealing, here are some small laundry room design ideas as an inspiration to get you working. Don’t worry about changing every part of your room. Simply start small and build your way up from there.

1.   Rustic Small Laundry Room Design

From woven baskets to shiplap walls, incorporating rustic elements in your small laundry room design will make it appear airier and brighter. Paint the shelves in white, add some vintage paintings on the wall, and your laundering experience will be changed forever.

Shiplap walls with white paint are an interior that fits well with any interior around this laundry room, this wall will function better when it is equipped with floating shelves as an open storage idea that you can use as storage for equipment and supplies. wash. This woven basket which is equipped with a trolley will make it easier for you to lift it with one hand only. Shiplap wall with open storage racks from onekindesign.

Bring a rustic nuance to the decor of your small laundry room with the use of white shiplap walls enhanced by a standing cabinet made of reclaimed wood. The white nuances in this laundry room decoration will feel more colorful when equipped with several different types of green plants, don’t forget to use a woven basket as an idea for storing clean towels. You can put this woven container in the iron basket box that has been provided. White shiplap walls from onekindesign.

2.     Floral Wallpaper for the Wall

If you’re tight on budget, opt for a stick-and-peel wallpaper to brighten your laundry room. The pastel foreground, combined with a subtle flower accent, creates a delicate touch to the dull space. Say goodbye to boring laundry sessions!

Avoid boring and monotonous laundry room decorations, you can change the appearance of this room instantly by using brightly colored floral wallpapers that are dominated by ivory. Maximize the lighting in this room by choosing a unique lamp that has a striking color, namely yellow, the combination of these two interiors makes the room look more perfect and you can imitate it right now. Bright floral wallpaper from housebeautiful.

Another option for more fun and cheerful laundry room decor is to cover a plain wall with floral wallpaper dominated by green. The green color will blend even more when combined with the splash of white on the accent part of the flower. Patterned tiles add to the perfection of this room and make the room look more modern and minimalist. You can combine these two accents together in one room. Floral green wallpaper with a white splash from housebeautiful.

3.     Minimalistic and Contemporary

Perfect for a narrow and cramped small laundry room design, incorporating a minimalistic touch means decluttering a lot of unused furniture and painting everything white. Additionally, don’t forget to style your room in a way that it receives a lot of natural lighting.

If you have limited space in the laundry room decoration, then using enough interior and shiny furniture is an interior idea that you need to apply. Wooden cabinets and washing machines in matching colors make the room look more elegant, try using a neutral gray paint which is easier to match with patterned rugs and whatever color you want. The greenery in the corner of the countertop is a never-dull decoration. The ambiance of a gray laundry room with modern furniture from homebnc.

There is nothing wrong with bringing a monochrome vibe into your laundry room decor, a combination of black and white is the right choice that you can try into modern and contemporary laundry room decorations. The wood accent in the drying area above the washing machine gives a natural impression and is certainly more environmentally friendly, here you just need to re-polish the wood to make it look cleaner and more shiny. Monochrome style laundry room from homebnc.

4.     Make it Fun with Colors

Even the most boring laundry room can look like a sanctuary with the right paint. Using bold colors such as pink, yellow, or blue creates a unique impression and makes the room look bigger.

Play with several bright colors in one room in the laundry room decor. Pastel colors in wooden cabinets will look more contrast when combined with wallpaper that is dominated by yellow. The combination of these two colors will work well without being overly tacky. White floors and window frames are a color neutralizer that you can apply easily. Pastel color combination with yellow from hgtv.

In addition to covering the walls with wallpaper, you can also repaint the wooden cabinet with the same color, namely pastel blue. The use of this color is highly recommended for the look of a laundry room that wants to look brighter and fresher, input a little sunlight through the glass window to naturally light up this room without using the electric lights you have. Wallpaper and cabinets in pastel blue colors from hgtv.

5.     Functional Decorations

The key to nailing a small laundry room design is to make everything functional, even the most basic ornaments. For instance, the ladder can also perform as wall decor or a stool where you wait for your laundry to finish.

Do you need a sitting area when in a laundry room with limited space? If so, you can install a hanging ladder that is arranged vertically as a stool as well as an open storage area that you can use interchangeably, because it is impossible to include other furniture such as chairs or benches which will make the room feel more stuffy and cramped. This ladder is a functional stool that you can use when needed. Wooden stool ladder from housebeautiful.

The wooden cabinet in the laundry room decoration is more functional because it is equipped with a large enough seating area as a place to wait for your clothes when they are put in the washing machine. To entertain yourself so you don’t get bored, then you can read your favorite book that you like the most at this time. It’s not enough here, the built-in seating area is also perfected by the presence of a pull-out drawer that is used as closed storage. Built-in seating area from onekindesign

After you’ve finished reading, you might realize that it is, indeed, possible to make your small laundry room design appealing. Whether it’s through bold colors or decluttering, these five inspirations can be your starting point!