Are you trying to tidy up your small laundry room? Well, that must be quite challenging, sometimes. That’s because you need to employ the rightest storage plan option. Still, do not worry about that issue! These genius storage ideas will help you to maximize your petite laundry space. So, keep reading to find the solution!

1.     Install a Wall Mounted Laundry Basket as Accent

Take advantage of the space on the wall to install a metal wire basket. This kind of wall-mounted storage can be used for storing your “orphan” shocks, a bottle of cloth stain remover, and a detergent container. Above all, a metal wire basket can be an artistically-pleasing accent for the wall.

Take advantage of the free wall space to hang a plastic basket to place your detergent and softener. Hang it within easy reach for a neat and attractive decoration. You can also add other storage in the form of a towel rack on top of the washing machine so that your room will stay tidy and avoid clutter. Keeping the ironing board next to the washing machine is another storage idea. Hanging plastic basket from housebeautiful.

The tiny space on the top wall of the washing machine can be used to hang a plastic basket. This basket can be used to store your laundry supplies and make them easier to reach. With this idea, you will take advantage of a place with the perfect appearance of the room and will attract the attention of many people. This type of storage will make it easier for you to choose which clothes you want to wash. Plastic basket laundry room from howtobuildit.

2.     Use a Hanging Drying Rack to Make the Most of the Ceiling Space

After making use of the wall space, now take advantage of your ceiling free scope. Install a hanging drying rack there to add extra storage in your laundry room. Furthermore, choose a drying rack made of aluminum and timber for getting a more appealing finish.

This iron hanging drying rack makes it easy to dry your clothes while in the laundry room. You will create an extraordinary unique storage space in the laundry room. Besides that, you have a neat room decoration and will avoid messing up your clothes. You can complement the room decor with some other furniture to look stylish. Iron hanging drying rack from apartmenttherapy.

This ceiling drying rack is also very attractive. It may not hold a lot of clothes but that’s all you need for small items and accessories. You can place it on the ceiling so that it will give space to your floor and will create a spacious and airy room decor. This way of adding extra storage you have a large space and will avoid getting messy. Wooden drying rack celling from homedit.

To get around the design of your small laundry room, you have to think smart to maximize the space in the room. In this case, you can use the ceiling to make a hanging drying rack. To save budget, you can use an old ladder that is hung using a chain to make it more sturdy. You can also add some other storage to make the room tidy and avoid clutter. Hanging drying rack tocelling from homedit.

3.     Set Some Floating Shelves in Your Unused Corners

Did you see some space around your laundry room’s corners? Well, if yes, then that should be an excellent spot to place your floating shelving. Moreover, the design and dimensions of floating shelves are very diverse now; so, it would be easy to get the one that truly fits your corner’s free space.

The idea of using corner open shelf storage in the laundry room is a great choice for decorating small spaces. You can add some basketball baskets to put some bottles and softeners in the easy way and it will spruce up your laundry room too. You can place this storage rack above the washing machine and next to the cabinet so that it will give your room an interesting décor. Corner open shelf storage from mydomaine.

This open shelf in the corner of the room provides easy-to-reach storage, making it easier for you to pick up your items and towels. Equipped with woven green plants in a vase, it will bring a fresh and natural-looking room. The use of granite countertops also brings an elegant and charming impression to this laundry room. Don’t forget to add large windows so that sunlight can enter the room and give it a bright appearance. Wooden corner open shelv from mydomaine.

4.     Choose an Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer for Your Extra Storage

Do not forget the backside of your laundry room door. Just put an over-the-door hanging organizer there, which you can use to keep some hangers or washing supplies.

Hang the metal rack behind your laundry room door to store some of your laundry equipment. The iron will last longer and won’t rust easily when used. You can use a wire basket to neatly store bottles and toilet paper. This storage makes for the perfect décor and will create a space free of clutter. You can also add hooks and open shelves to easily store some of your belongings. Metal rack behind the door from hgtv.

Decorating a laundry room with storage behind the door is a great idea for you to try and will make the decor of the room tidy and uncluttered. This way you can add a storage rack to easily store some of the softener and detergent. This idea gives a neat decoration to the room. Having a laundry room design in a cabinet will have a warm and inviting impression. Storage behind the door from theownerbuildernetwork.

5.     Opt for Foldable Hanging Shelf to Spare More Space

It’s functional and so convertible, of course. You can fold the shelf down when using it, and then back it up after then. This storage option can spare you more space.

To make it easier for you in your small laundry room you will need to install a folding station. To fit into your small laundry room, you only need to install a small wooden plank to save space. In addition, this storage has a function as a perfect drying rack so that your room will avoid the mess of clothes you want to wash. Using materials from iron and wood gives a sturdy appearance. Foldable hanging shelf from apartmenttherapy.

So, try applying the tips above to amp up the storage space in your tiny laundry room!