When you live in a compact apartment or house, there’s a big chance that you’re going to have some headache in figuring out how to fit everything in. However, just because your living room isn’t as big as others, it doesn’t mean that it can’t appear luxurious. With the right small living room hack and styling prowess, freely transform any tiny space into a cozy and functional space to live in.

Without further ado, here are five sneaky small living room hack that will save you from clutters and troubles!

1.     Install Mirror or Reflecting Surfaces

Mirror and other reflective surfaces are a great substitute if your room doesn’t receive enough natural lighting. Creating an illusion of a bigger and airier space, you’ll be surprised at how vast your room appears.

The idea of adding a mirror to this living room will present an interesting decoration of the room and will create a bright and spacious area into the room. Choosing a vintage mirror type with a touch of reclaimed wood frame is the focal point in your living room. Placed on the wall of the room will surprise you at how spacious your room is. Large vintage mirror fom homebnc.

This living room with a touch of shaby chic comes in the form of an antique mirror with a unique frame. You can add a few mirrors there and other framed wall decorations to get the illusion of a bright, spacious room. Choosing these beige shades will create a warm and inviting room. Equipped with antique furniture and wooden floors, it will bring out the perfect room vibe. Shabby chic mirror decoration ideas from homebnc.

2.     Use the Most of Your Storage

Another important key to nailing a small livingroom hack is to be creative with your storage. Whenever you buy a shelf or drawer, make sure that it has an extensive interior to store your items.

Choosing a small living room you have to pay attention to the decoration so that your room will not look cramped and cluttered. The idea of adding an open shelf on one of the walls will easily serve as a storage area for bookshelves and will create a neat décor in your room. Combined with navy and white wall nuances, this mid-centuy living room decor is more charming. Large open shelv from realhomes.

This built-in storage will save space so that it will present a neat living room design and avoid clutter. The meaning in the corner of the room will not interfere with your activities while in this tiny living room. This shelf is useful for storing various collections of books and ornaments to make it the perfect focal point of the room. Paired with shades of blue and white and a few wooden furnitures will complement your room decor. Built-in storage from realhomes.

3.     Pick Multifunctional Furniture

Ever piqued by a 2-in-1 chair that also works as a bookshelf? Another effective small living room hack is to opt for multifunctional furniture. Another example is a bookshelf that also performs as a room divider.

The bookshelf space divider with half a wall offers ample display space and will create a neat, clutter-free living room decor. With this bookshelf divider, you will have a living room and children’s playroom in one room, creating an attractive appearance. Completed with white nuances and wooden floors it will give off a warm vibe and a clean looking room. Half wall bookshelf divider from decoist.

The expedit bookshelf from IKEA used as a room divider in this shabby chic house is the perfect money decorating idea for you to try. With this idea, your room will look spacious and avoid clutter. This bookshelf divider serves to separate the living room and the small apartment bedroom. Shades of beige and some framed wall ornaments complement the decor of the room. Room divider with bookshelv from decoist.

4.     Choose Your Rug Wisely

A medium, neutral-colored rug instantly transforms your space for the better. If your space is limited, be sure not to pick a large rug as it will make your room look cramped.

Choosing this beige carpet will change your room for the better and will create a warm impression on your feet. Placing it under the sofa and combining it with this wooden floor will present an interesting room decoration for you to try. This small living room design will look comfortable because it is added by a soft sofa which is equipped with several pillows. Beige carpet under sofa from homebnc.

Choosing a large carpet will make your room look cramped. That way you can add a small white faux fur rug under the coffee table for an interesting room display idea for you to try. Besides offering a warm impression, this carpet gives the room a stunning appearance and makes your living room decor look stylish. Combined with a white sofa and ottoman, a wooden coffee table and several other ornaments will make the appearance even more attractive. Small white faux fur rug from homebnc.

5.     Mind the Whitespace on the Wall

The temptation to put on every art piece and painting can be overwhelming at times. However, you wouldn’t want to overwhelm your wall and make your room feels suffocating. Be mindful of the space between paintings and make sure to create emphasis on one art piece compared to the rest.

This white brick wall is equipped with several framed paintings so that it will make an interesting room decoration for you to try. Paired with a white sofa, a unique coffee table, a round jute rug and potted greenery will add a fresh and natural feel to this small living room. You can also add large windows to create a spacious and bright room. White brick wall with painting from thespruce.

The idea of decorating a tiny living room with the meaning of this framed painting will add an interesting impression and will steal the attention of this room. Choosing a white wall will give a small living room decor a wider and cleaner look. Equipped with a wooden sofa and coffee table will be a room decoration that you should try. Wood floors and patterned rugs make the room warm and inviting. Framed painting on small living room from thespruce.

Once you’ve implemented this small living room hack, you’ll find that creating a spacious and airy room in a limited space isn’t that challenging. Be prepared to receive praises and compliments once your guests step their feet in!