You realize how essential a living room is and wish to decorate and style your living room for maximum functionality and pleasantness. Unfortunately, you live in an apartment or a small house with inevitably a small living room. Suddenly, you feel discouraged and feel that you cannot get that living room you’ve been dreaming for.

You know what? That scenario is just a nightmare. Wake up because we will give you some small living room ideas that are just as pretty, comfy, functional, or whatever you want it to be.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall . . .

Mirror can make your small space appear bigger than it really is. Incorporating a full-wall mirror is great not only for visual expansion but also for giving the misinterpreted perception that you fail to notice a wall and are looking into other room.

If you don’t have much space to work with, putting a mirror into the ceiling is an option. It can open up space from atop, especially if it reflects those arts and photos that you hang on the wall.

The gold-framed sunbrust mirror attached to the living room wall will create the perfect focal point giving the illusion of spacious space. Paired with a navy wall for the perfect contrast. The brown velvet sofa equipped with blue pillows is the main choice for decorating the room. Adding a blue ottoman that doubles as a coffee table and complemented by a wooden tray will provide the perfect decoration. Try it now. Gold-framed sunbrust mirror from stylemotivation.

Arranging the mirror neatly will provide the perfect focal point in your living room. Sealin that applying this mirror will make your small space appear bigger than it really is. Placing it on the wall above the sofa will make it look more attractive. Combined with some wooden furniture and a large soft wool rug, this creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. Some greenery is added to give your living room a fresh feel. Mirror on wall from stylemotivation.

Adding a mirror with an antique frame will give the room an interesting decoration. This mirror can make your small space appear bigger than it really is. Install several mirrors on the walls of your living room which are equipped with classic table lamp lighting which will make the decor even more interesting for you to try. Combined with some antique furniture to create the perfect room decoration and will become the focal point of the room. Mirror with an antique frame from stylemotivation.

The mirror on the wall will create the illusion of a spacious room with its reflections. With a rectangular shape and placed behind the sofa, it will be the perfect focus of the room. With this gold frame it will add a glamorous impression to the room. Table lamps with gold accents will also add a luxurious appearance to the room, making it perfect for you to try. This red hanging lantern is perfect for lighting. Three rectangular mirror shape from stylemotivation

Creative Storage

The next small living room idea is tackling storage issue, especially for a space like a living room where you want to place everything within your reach. For this, you can use double-duty furniture, such as a coffee table that functions both as a table and storage to keep your things inside it. Alternatively, you can install floating shelves or decorative baskets on the wall that can store your stuff too.

This wooden open shelf in the corner of this room will create the perfect look so that it will give the room a neat decor and avoid clutter. Adding a wicker basket will provide extra storage. Now you can store your books easily and neatly. This brown wall paper gives a different look to your living room. Wooden open shelf from decoholic.

This is a perfect example of how to use shelves in an awkward space in their home. Using shelves in this place to organize the living room and to store things. Place it in the corner of your living room and it will be the perfect focal point for your room to try. Completing the decor with large windows will give the illusion of a fresh and spacious room. Shelves on corner living room from hgtv.

You can use multifunctional furniture like a coffee table with storage underneath to store your belongings in it. This wooden coffee table will give the room a decorative look. Combined with a gray L-shaped sofa complete with pillows, gray carpet and several other ornaments, complete the look of this stylish living room. wooden coffee table with storage from housebeautiful.

Not the Sofa, Please . . .

We all know that sofa takes up much space. You can place low seating or settee instead. In addition to being compact, they create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Alternatively, you can opt for swinging chairs, besides being floor space-saving, they are super fun to have around.

The two captivating swings here really look like some kind of egg chair. Using the materials used are very environmentally friendly with a neat design and are equipped with several pillows that will provide comfort when you relax. Combined with this blue L-shaped sofa, it will give a broad impression to your small living room, so this is a reference for you to try. Two rattan swing from homedesignlover.

A white and blue living room with a little furniture will look stunning. Not having a lot of places to sit will give you more space. Like the picture above, the selection of rattan swing furniture and some wooden chairs will give a roomy look. Adding a blue and white striped rug will provide the perfect contrast. This swing is very fun to enjoy. Rattan swing furniture from homedesignlover.

Having a small living room you have to think about the kind of coziness that will save space. Adding a rattan swing equipped with soft cushions and choosing a rectangular sofa is a good idea for you to try. This geometric patterned rug will give your feet a warm sensation when you are in the living room. Combined with the white color and the built-in storage and hardwood floors, it makes the room tidy, spacious and warm. Rattan swing and rectangular sofa from homedesignlover.

Those are some small living room ideas that can help you decide how you want to arrange your beloved living room. Hopefully, they work for you.