When it comes to the small bathroom decor, there are many designs offered by designers. From modern to classic look. Thus, if you face the limited space in your bathroom its required more consideration to decide the proper decoration. In this case, you can bring the rustic spirit into your small bathroom in simple ways. If you need some ideas, learn these inspiring ideas first.

1.     Reclaimed Wood is a Good Idea

Rustic style is identical to the wood material, especially reclaimed wood. Why you don’t use this material for the mirror frame? The reclaimed mirror will add an aesthetic look to your small bathroom. It can bring a warm nuance. And also the mirror is able to give a big space-enhancing effect on your bathroom visual.

Placing a reclaimed wood mirror can make your tiny bathroom look more aesthetically pleasing. A distressed mirror frame look is just right enough to bring a rustic look to your bathroom. Also, pair it with a dressing table with a wooden table to complete the décor. Vintage chandelier and plants in a vase will give a dramatic look and fresh air to your room. The blackboard also enhances decoration. Reclaimed wood mirror frame from homebnc.

It will be interesting if you place a reclaimed wood mirror in your small bathroom. Besides being able to bring out a rustic vibe, this mirror can also make your bathroom look more spacious. Adding a storage rack will also make it easier for you to put some of your toiletries neatly. You can combine it with a white brick wall to reinforce a rustic vibe. Reclaimed wood mirror from homebnc.

2.     Vintage Ladder as Your Towel Rack

Need a towel holder in your small bathroom? It’s so simple as you thought. Just take an unfinished ladder in your home and put it in your small bathroom. The raw texture of the ladder will bring a strong rustic vibe. All you have to do is just rest the ladder to the wall and get an aesthetic look.

Besides being able to hang your dry towels, this storage ladder can also be a vintage item that can complement the rustic style of your tiny bathroom. You can place it over the toilet to maximize space. Adding a few wire baskets with toiletries will make it easier to keep things tidy. Combined with reclaimed wood sinks and antique mirrors make for a stunning décor. Storage ladder from homebnc.

Wooden staircase shelves are great vintage-style storage in a rustic bathroom and don’t take up too much space. You can place it against the wall next to the bathtub with a simple arrangement. Apart from being a storage area, this ladder will also serve as a room decoration that will steal attention. Other vintage items in the form of jars and some antique furniture will complement the decor of this room. Wooden staircase shelves from homebnc.

3.     Don’t Forget the Greenery

To bring a strong rustic impression to the small bathroom, you have to add a more natural touch. Aside from wood, add green elements also important. You can add some indoor potted plants into your small bathroom. It can freshen up your small space and get a strong rustic vibe at the same time.

To add a natural touch to your small bathroom, applying greenery is the best idea you should try. The simple way is to put a vase of flowers and place it next to a large window will look beautiful. This way you will have a fresh and inviting bathroom decor. Pair it with antique furniture, hardwood floors and an antique bathtub for an eye-catching décor. Vase of flowers from homebnc.

Don’t forget to include greenery in your small bathroom. Indoor plants can bring out freshness and this is one of those simple rustic items you can use to dress up your small bathroom. For that, you can start freshening up the space by placing some indoor plants in pots. Combined with a marble table will create an elegant atmosphere in this space. Indoor plants on rustic bathroom from homebnc.

4.     Choose Rustic Color Schemes

Don’t forget to think carefully about the color scheme. The right color scheme will bring a huge impact to your bathroom theme and space, especially in a rustic style. The color that you can choose for rustic color is in a neutral color, gray is a good deal. This color will offer a country vibe and also can easily combine with other earthy tones.

The gray walls in a rustic bathroom provide a neutral feel that you can combine with any furniture. Apart from that, this color also looks elegant. Selin, who uses wooden floors, will also beautify the room while giving a rustic impression to this tiny bathroom decoration. Don’t forget to add green plants in galvanized pots to give this room a fresh and natural impression. Gray walls in a rustic bathroom from decoist.

The combination of subway and shiplap tiles in a gray color scheme will bring a neutral feel to your tiny rustic bathroom. Your wooden ceilings and floors will give you the impression of a rustic room. Chandelier chandeliers and green plant wall decorations will maximize the space and make your room more stylish. Apart from that these greenery will provide all the color you need. Subway and gray shiplap from homebnc.

5.     Utilize Repurposed Items

The simple way to decorate your small bathroom in a rustic style is utilizing the repurposed items. It is because those items have a vintage and artistic look to strengthen the rustic nuance. In this case, you can use enamel buckets, old-fashioned cupboards, old galvanized sinks, old mirrors, vintage wire baskets, and another item that can represent the rustic vibe.

Double sink vanities with deep galvanized tubs are a dramatic focal point of this farmhouse-inspired bathroom. The wooden racks and wooden staircase towel racks add to the farmhouse feel. White window mirrors create contrasting wood and metal tones. With this decoration, you will have the appearance of a room that is both stylish and inviting. Double galvanized sinks from homebnc.

Don’t rush to throw away your old antique mirror, you can use this item to complement your rustic-style bathroom decor. You can use this mirror to enhance the appearance of your bathroom while giving it a bright and spacious impression. You can add some wicker baskets and wire baskets to store your toiletry collection and will reinforce the rustic feel. Old antique mirror from homebnc.

Did you understand what you have to do to decorate your small bathroom in a rustic style? Hopefully, by following those ideas above you can achieve what you want.