Mirrors can be terrific wall decorations. Whether you want to enhance your small space— making it look bigger than it actually is—or to help boost the opposite wall art as a focal point or even a centerpiece in itself, mirror wall décor is practically effective to serve their respective purposes on your walls.

Here are a few smart ideas on how to install your mirror wall décor for your utmost, home interior benefits.

1.     Boost your small space with a floor-to-ceiling mirror

A floor-to-ceiling tall mirror will help amplify the narrow space of your hallway or alleyway, the corner of your staircase landing, or even on your indoor storage door.

A beautiful floor-to-ceiling mirror will enlarge the room even further. Equipped with large windows will create a bright room when paired with white tones. With this classic style frame, it will give the room a stylish look. The wooden floor will give a warm impression to this classic living room. Furnished with some furniture will create the perfect decoration. Floor-to-ceiling mirror from digsdigs.

A large-scale gold mirror connects the living and dining room in this home decor. The designer chose to prop the mirror against the wall between two large windows. Mirrors reflect light while adding a little drama to the space. Shades of white will create the illusion of space and will look spacious. Don’t forget to add some gold framed wall galleries to add a glamorous impression to the space. Large-scale gold mirror from elledecor.

2.     Enhance your drop-off corner with an oversized, against-the-wall mirror

A mirror wall decor doesn’t have to be hung on the wall. An oversized mirror placed against the wall will similarly enhance your space as well. Installing it in your shoe, coat, or umbrella drop-off corner near the entrance of your home will easily give importance to the seemingly trivial space.

This Hardwood mirror in a rustic style provides the perfect entryway focal point. Placed on the wall and equipped with storage for umbrellas and shoes to give it an attractive appearance. With this idea you will increase the drop-off angle of the mud room corner. You can sculpt your wood to give it a pretty look. Hardwood mirror on mud room corner from elledecor.

A beautiful and well-appointed entrance will make your home feel even more inviting. To help you pack a lot of style and function into your current foyer, this large round mirror over the console table creates the perfect focal point for the room. No matter the size, assembling your favorite entrance ideas will inspire you. Round mirror in entryway from thespruce.

3.     Direct your guests’ attention to a large, geometric mirror wall décor

If you want to avoid the confusion of selecting a piece of wall art or decorating your wall shelf, simply pick a large, geometric mirror for your wall installation. Placing it above your sofa, your console table, or even above your fireplace’s mantle transforms it into a great yet practical focal point in your room.

Brighten up the light in the room with a pink geometric mirror. Throw some pink items here and there on the sofa table. Adding a little pink Christmas ornament and lighting from a table lamp is a great option. Applying this mirror will make the room’s focal point perfect. This gray sofa and some peach colored cushions will complete your bedroom décor. Pink geometric mirror from homebnc.

A hex-framed mirror setup is a cool and eye-catching decoration for this room. Mount it on the dining room wall above the console table to make it the perfect focal point of the room. You can complement the decor with some greenery to make the room feel natural and fresh. These white nuances and wooden floors will create the perfect room. Hex-framed mirror from digsdigs.

4.     Get creative with multiple mirrors of a similar shape

Creating a mirror focal point doesn’t have to involve a single piece of a huge mirror. You can make a huge mirror by combining several mirrors of similar shape but different sizes artistically. Round, hexagonal, or even irregularly round mirrors of multiple sizes will look spectacular when put together nicely on your wall.

The circle wall mirror arrangement looks cool and modern, this unusual decoration idea will catch your guests’ attention when visiting the house. These varying sizes and arranged vertically will create the perfect home decor. Add a floating table complete with antique candle sticks and other ornaments. These brown walls and patterned tiles will create a unique room decor. Circle wall mirror from digsdigs.

Imagine your living room. Of course there will be a table, some windows, furniture, lamps and some other doors. So, now you can add mirrors of all shapes and sizes to one wall and all your guests will focus on this vintage mirror. Using this antique gold color frame will make an antique home decor look perfect. Vintage mirror living room from decoholic.

5.     Parade your collections in your personal gallery of mirrors

If you love mirrors of various frame textures, shapes, and sizes, you may want to consider transforming your hallway or your alleyway, your staircase landing, or even your living room, into a personal mirror gallery. Not only you create a unique experience for your guests, but you also get to display your special collection of mirror wall décor in your home.

Mirrors are multitaskers. They not only ensure that your living room looks great, but can also make your room look bigger, brighter, and better. Using sunbrust mirrors of various sizes will create the focal point of your living room. Mount it on the blue wall above the sofa for an interesting room decoration. Add to the decor with a brown velvet sofa and blue ottoman coffee table with wooden tray on top. Sunbrust mirrors gallery wall from sonomamag.

You can create your own modern wall art by placing these simple mirrors on the staircase of your farmhouse. The vintage-style gold frame will provide the perfect focal point for the room. This method will give the illusion of a spacious room and will look bright with a combination of white in the room. Gallery wall mirror with vintage-style gold frame from thecottagemarket.

Now, have fun getting creative with the mirror wall décor of your choosing!