If you have a small room, you need to do a simple trick to keep all your goods in their place. Rather than using a cabinet, it will better for you to buy a storage bed. It will make your room tidier with no need for more space. Here are some storage bed ideas that will ease you;

Wooden Brown Bed with Storage

Look at this super amazing bed to save all your goods under the bed! The design is perfectly made to ease you putting some books, magazines, or even shoes on this storage bed. The natural color combined with orange makes this bedroom more stunning.

To bring a classic feel to your bedroom decor, using a wooden bed that has been polished is the right furniture idea that you can try. With re-polishing, the appearance will be cleaner and more shiny. It is not enough here, this brown wooden bed is also equipped with several storage drawers that can be used as well as possible. Classic wooden bed with drawers storage from thesleepjudge.

White and Blue Bed With Storage

You can save extra pillows at the drawer under your bed. It will make you easy to find those pillows someday. This design also keeps your bedroom from clutter.  Here is one of the simple ways to make your bedroom tidier.

This wooden bed repainted in blue makes the bedroom feel brighter, especially when you get enough lighting from a large enough transparent glass window. Combine it with white bedding to perfect this blue color so that it looks more modern and never boring. Blue bed with white bedding from digsdigs.

Little Bed with Storage Bed

Storage bed can be applied on a small bed as well. Here you will have two drawers only,  but those are enough to keep your goods. Moreover, you are pleased to let your pet sleep calm there.

An easy way to bring a rustic vibe to your bedroom decor is to use a wooden bed with teak wood which has a smooth surface but is very sturdy when used for a long time. Under the bed is completed with storage drawers refined with round metal handles. Rustic wooden bed with drawer pull from digsdigs.

Modern Storage Bed

If you want to have a modern storage bed, this style may be inspiring you. It doesn’t require any drawer at all. All goods are saved well under the bed. You can open it whenever needed.

If you have a bedroom with limited space, then a bed with built-in storage is a furniture idea that you can have right now. In addition to the storage drawers, this bed is also perfected with a headboard equipped with open vertical shelves that can be used as storage for your favorite books or magazines so that they are easier to retrieve when needed. Headboard open shelves from digsdigs.

To emphasize the modern bedroom decor, the use of a gray tufted bed is a very appropriate furniture idea. You can do storage by lifting this mattress upwards, storing some of your pillow under the mattress so that the appearance of the top surface of the bed is not messy and messy. The bed is tufted with pillow storage underneath from digsdigs.

Bed Storage to Save Anything

Here, you will easy to save any thing you have brilliantly. Furthermore, this design is made to help you save big utensils. Arrange your things on the boxes and save under the bed to make your bedroom looks cozy.

Multifunctional beds are especially useful for those who have small bedrooms with limited space. Choose and use a plywood bed which is equipped with several drawers and open shelves, here you can relax with the storage underneath which is well organized and safe. A bed with drawers and open shelves from digsdigs.

A Side Storage Bed

A small bed can be used to save your goods as well. Though only one side, but it helps you to keep your room organized well. There are six drawers that will save all of your cloths.

One of these bedside sections can be taken advantage of with the built in storage idea which saves more floor space in your bed decor. This melamine wood material with white paint presents a modern style that never goes out of style and of course always provides the best benefits for storing all equipment or fixtures in your bedroom. Built in storage on one side of the bed from digsdigs.

Extra Part Storage Bed

This bed design is functioned as storage too. Here is not only under the bed but also the headboard that can be used to put some books other things you have. Just be ready to arrange your goods.

Not only is the storage drawer located on this bed, you can also use the headboard as open storage. So that all your items can be well organized, then you can use some woven baskets that are repainted with white to match the color of the headboard used. White and Tosca green are a blend of colors that can blend perfectly. Headboard bed storage with wicker basket from digsdigs.

A Large Drawer under the Bed

For a more modern look, this bed design may be fit to your bedroom. With one big drawer, you can save all cloth with some books in one place. The grey color makes this bed  comfortable for getting rest.

The bigger the built in drawers on your bed, the more things you can store. In this drawer you can store all the blankets and pillows neatly without making the bed look messy. This bed has a neutral color so it’s easier to combine it with other interiors around it. Built in large storage drawer from digsdigs.

Plenty Storage Bed

It seems like you don’t need to have a cabinet any more. With one bed, all your cloths, children toys, even gadget can be saved well. You are free to choose which drawers you need to put your things.

Organize all the items you have in several drawers according to their function and use. This pull-out drawer is divided into six parts making it easier to store all your equipment and belongings safely and avoid dust. This bed made of plywood has a smoother surface. Six pull-out drawers for storage from digsdigs.

These are some storage bed ideas that will help you to organize your bedroom. Let’s make your bedroom neat with these storage bed ideas.