If you have a study at home, you might agree that most of your paperwork, readings, or computer works are done in that room. Standard furniture you can place and find there are ideal bookshelves, a desk, chairs, lamps, a computer, and file cabinets. Then, with the help of innovation and creativity of interior designers out there, there’s multi-functional furniture that transforms our house space arrangement to be much more efficient. Whether in intricate mechanisms or simple assembly, there’s a satisfying feeling to know that you can count on them to expand the size for more usage.

See our rounded up list of vintage multipurpose furniture pieces you can have below.

1. Folded Table

It’s perfectly acceptable to get super comfy in the study, so obviously you’re going to need a table that can also act as a multifunctional tablet. A folding table doesn’t require much space. All you have to do is just mounted it to the wall. You can fold it easily if you have finished with your job. Find one made of solid wood or metal, and add the vintage flair by choosing a red-brick color or old-fashioned brown wooden color. Now, enjoy studying in between with this multi-functional furniture and quickly fold it back when finished!

If you have a sturdy room decoration with limited space, then you can use a folded table that can be folded upwards when it’s finished. Usually, this folded table hangs on an empty wall, the floating plywood shelf becomes an area to put a round metal ornament with the writing accent you want. Completing this room with greenery, the woven basket becomes an area to store some of the blankets you have. Folded table with floating rack from homebnc.

Take advantage of the wall as an area to hang a minimalist folded table with a neutral color that matches with any colored chairs, including yellow. This folded table is suitable for small sturdy rooms because it can be folded when it’s finished. Small items such as scissors and pencil cases can be placed on this table with a wooden divider that extends from the right and left of the table. Neutral color folded table from nextluxury.

There are many advantages that you will get if you use a tray table in a sturdy study room decoration because in addition to doing your assignments you can also use it as a folding dining area that does not take up floor space at all. In addition, this table is also equipped with an open shelf that can be used as a storage area for flower pots or green plants that instantly enhance the decor of the study room. Tray table with built-in storage shelves from popsugar.

You can buy and use a folded table that is used as a mini dining area and a table to do tasks comfortably. This dining table is made of plywood combined with white melamine wood. It’s not enough here, this table is also equipped with open shelves and several minimalist drawers that you can use to put some important files that are easily lost. This folded table has a square shape with curved sides. Square folded table with curved sides from decoist.

2. Ladder Chair

Rolling ladders can be a great help when reaching those books up to the ceilings, but you can also invest in a ladder chair for it. This furniture is sometimes also referred to as convertible chair, library chair, or folding step chair. It doesn’t eat much space and, of course, extremely simple to use. Our recommendation surrounds pieces made from oak and walnut, but those made from brass or plastic in retro colors are also not wrong.

If you have a private library in the study room decoration area as high as the ceiling area, then you can use wooden ladder chairs with an adjustable height. This ladder is equipped with a sitting area that has a wider surface so you can pick up and read a book on this ladder, doesn’t it seem more fun with a new atmosphere that you can try right now. Wooden ladder chair from home-designing.

3. Armrest Table

You are the busiest person in the house, and relaxing on a couch may sound like a luxury. This is where the magic of an armrest table comes into play and let you grab a snack, drink, smartphone, book, or remote control within arm’s reach. This fantastic multi-functional furniture can be crafted onto the arm of the sofa and hold those stuff you’d like to have beside you. Most pieces are made of pressed wood or similar manufactured products, although solid woods like pine or oak is common as well for a vintage vibe.

This armrest table that is placed on the side of the sofa has a function to store books, magazines, cups and cellphones safely without worrying about falling to the floor. You can choose this armrest table with a smoother and softer surface to keep it comfortable to use all day long, this plywood material with a lighter wood color is suitable to be combined with any colored sofa and any material. Have it at a price that is not too expensive so that it remains on budget but seems more minimalist. Plywood armrest table from itsoverflowing.

If you are using a velvet sofa with dark brown color, then you can choose an armrest table with a brighter color, namely beige. In general, this armrest table has a square shape that is enough to put a cup of coffee, books and remote. You can do the task with a sitting area that is softer and warmer, put this table on one side of the sofa right or left. Put it anywhere that will make you feel more comfortable and at home. Light beige armrest table from itsoverflowing.

Not only used as a task, this table armrest can also be used to place drinks with snacks that are placed on the top surface. It’s not enough here, you can also use the storage at the bottom as a small storage idea that is used as an area to put the remote so that it is easier to find when needed. This table armrest is made of teak wood, which has been polished so that it looks more modern and shiny. Glossy teak wood armrest table from itsoverflowing.

For the last idea you can try right now is to add an armrest table with a rectangle shape that has curved sides like half a circle. This furniture will be safer when you have small children in the house, hardwood is the main material used from this table so it is not easily porous when used for a long period of time. Brown is one of the favorite colors that brings a vintage vibe in moderation. Rectangle armrest table from itsoverflowing.

Now that you have an idea on multi-functional furniture, it’s time to start placing them in your study and add more vintage dash!