Creating an indoor garden is a tricky thing to do, but it can be a great addition to the room decoration as you introduce natural elements and make it appears more diverse. You don’t have to go with a greenhouse design to have the beauty of natural greenery, instead of making use of anything available inside your house. Here are some stunning indoor garden ideas to freshen your living space.

Water in a jar

A beautiful water garden blesses all houses with its refreshing nature, creating a stunning environment for both plants and aquatic creatures. Use your old glass jars as the container, and pick plants that can withstand water submersion, like a fern. Add decorative details like pebbles and small rocks for a complete enchanter. 

If you need to add to your home decor, a glass jar filled with water is the right idea and is very cheap. Not only water, you can also fill it with white stones and water-green plants that will grow fresh. After all the media has been put into the jar, you can close it so it doesn’t spill and cause chaos. Place this glass jar in an area that is often visited by people for a fresh view. Water in glass jar which is equipped with a lid from balconygardenweb.

Sea gravel, water plants, water and fish are some of the contents that you can put in the glass jar that you have at home. This glass jar is usually found in your kitchen, so that you use unused items to be more useful. Avoid using the soil because this media will make the water cloudy and not clear anymore. With this glass jar you will find it easier to move it to any area you want. A combination of sea pebbles, aquatic plants, water and fish from balconygardenweb.

Decorate your empty table with a transparent glass jar filled with blue gravel, fish, and aquatic plants. This glass jar is a home decoration that doesn’t cost a lot of money when making it, besides that you also don’t need professional staff. Just invite some of your friends to make it together, doesn’t it seem fun. Transparent glass jar decoration from balconygardenweb.

A vertical garden

It marks the simplest form of natural indoor garden that works as any room’s charmer. A vertical garden is highly versatile, perfect for decorating your room, with small planters for succulents or herbs to grow. It is the most popular option, especially in a small space, where you only need to install a trellis or better still, tiered garden shelves. There’s also a more practical option like the magnetic clay pots that you can stick to the wall. 

Take advantage of the unused wall area to hang some green plants using minimalist white pots. Use rack wire as a medium for hanging pots using strong and sturdy iron hooks. Besides refreshing the room, some of these green plants are also wall decorations that are not easily boring. Hang the plant pots with wire racks and iron hook from apartmenttherapy.

Don’t leave your bathroom subway tile plain and boring. Green plants arranged vertically using plastic pots seem lush and refreshing. Take advantage of this iron towel rack to hang some of your plastic pots regularly. Not only green plants, roses placed on wooden benches are also a natural accent that gives a fragrant aroma into the bathroom decor. Vertical combination of greenery with roses from apartmenttherapy.

Succulent is a plant that you can make as an environmentally friendly indoor decoration. Hang a wooden frame containing several types of succulents as a low maintenance focal point. Don’t give too much water to these green plants, you just need to sprinkle the water evenly. Hanging frame succulent from apartmenttherapy.

A hanging gardens

Another great way to have a stunning indoor garden is by having a hanging garden. It’s easy to make, as you only need planters and a wiring system that can support the containers from the ceiling. However, be careful with the placement because you don’t want to knock anybody down with the lower-hanging pots. 

When you have limited space, then you can just hang some of these green plants in the ceiling area. Hang this plant vertically using a strong rope so that it doesn’t fall easily to the floor and causes chaos, namely breaking and falling apart. Some of these different types of plants give the living room a fresher impression and are certainly not easily boring. Hanging greenery vertically from apartmenttherapy.

If you have some unused plastic bottles, then reuse them as green plant pots so they don’t become useless waste. After filling it with green plants, you can hang it in the area near the window as a vertical windowsill that is different and not boring. Keep using the bottle cap so that when you flush the water it doesn’t drip onto the floor. Hanging plants with plastic bottle pots from apartmenttherapy.

Windowsills garden

With such limited space, you need to be extra creative to create indoor garden ideas and work with everything you have, including your windowsill. Transform your empty ledges into a succulent herb garden by putting in small garden containers to fill the space. To protect the plant from direct sunlight, you can add a window shade. Another great plan is using the windowpane to hang small planters. 

Decorate your kitchen window sill with some antique pots filled with herbs that come in different colors and sizes. The layout of these plants is apt because they need enough sunlight in order to thrive and stay lush. Perform regular maintenance by watering and applying fertilizer regularly. Windowsill decor with antique potted herb plants from hgtv.

When you put several pots on the windowsill with different types, adding a white label with the name of the plant is a smart idea that you can try. This is done in order to provide knowledge to other people when they don’t know what kind of plants you are using. Windowsill plants will never fail when decorating windows in any room. Windowsill pot that is equipped with a label from diynetwork.

Building your own charming indoor garden ideas does not have to be a complicated task. It’s a great way to satisfy your gardening passion without taking up too much space.