Updating your pillows in a summer theme is the easiest way to give your space a fresh look without having to change the scheme you’ve already put together. An artfully scattered pillow is the best way to bring personality to your living space, try out a new idea, or pull a scheme together with carefully selected colors or prints. So start bolstering with these beauties – as we round up the best cushions for sofas, bedrooms, and more.

Palm Leaves

Palms are a the signal for sun and sea and vacation, right? So putting some on your couch will get you in the mood to relax, and the green color provides freshness for your room.

The choice of torpical leaf print pillows is an economical way to brighten up a room besides that it will give style to your summer living room decor. Paired with a white sofa and shades of white this will give your room a stylish and inviting decor. You can also add wicker baskets for extra storage ideas in this living room. Leaf print pillows from digsdigs.

A colorful tropical leaf motif pillow will beautify your entrance and make it look bolder. You can place these cushions on your entry bench to welcome your guests. Combined with dark green tones, this will give the room a warm and inviting atmosphere. Colorful tropical leaf motif pillow from digsdigs.

Bright colors plus vintage banana leaf linens and pillows for this delightful summer bedroom will add a summer feeling to the room. You can also combine it with white nuasna and yellow curtains to add a cheerful impression to the room. Combined with white furniture, it will add a modern look to the room. You can also add some ornaments to complete the decor. Banana leaf linens and pillows from digsdigs.

Tropical leaf print pillows will spruce up your bedroom and make it even more summery. You can pair it with white and patterned pillows to give this bedroom some texture. Choosing a bedroom decor with a wooden headboard and a vintage mirror on it will make the look more perfect and steal the attention of many people. Tropical leaf print pillows from digsdigs.

Ombre Watermelon

There are many ways to enjoy the freshness of watermelon in summer, one of which is to put it in your room. This ombre pillows in coral fade to mint is a way to enjoy the watermelon without removing the seeds.

Adding pillows and blankets with ombre colors like watermelon will create an interesting bedroom decoration for you to try and will create a stylish room. Choosing pink and green will give a stunning room decor and will create a bright impression into your bedroom. Combined with a gray headboard will add a unique look to the room. Pillows and blankets with ombre watermelon from denydesigns.

Golden Pineapple

The pineapple trend has been around since last summer and we still stuck with them. The delicious fruit seems to be on everything from beach towels to patterned curtains. Get your pineapple fix with a gorgeous gold pillow like this one.

The pineapple trend has been around since last summer and you can imprint it on the design of your home pillow. Choosing a pretty gold color like this on your pillow will create the perfect and inviting room decor. You can also add patterns to create the perfect room. This gold color contrasts with the white on this pillow design. Golden pineapple pillow from homedit.


It’s a fact that succulents still a hot trend nowadays. So when we’re covering our homes with them, it makes sense that we would cover our couch with them too. But a softer version than the real thing.

This succulent sofa pillow offers a beautiful room look and will steal the attention of many people. This decoration will offer the room a beautiful look in the summer. You can place it on this Scandinavian-style chair to create the perfect decoration for the room. In combination with some green vines and others that will give a fresh and natural impression. Succulent sofa pillow from homedit.

Very Summer

How to summarize your summer in one thing? Of course with this pillow! This pillow is so summer that you can’t handle it.

Adding a touch of bold color to these sofa cushions will create a stunning décor and will grab the attention of many. You can choose oranges, greens and blues for a more summery feel. This pillow is so hot that you can’t handle it. Combined with a rattan sofa with soft white pillows, it will offer extra comfort in your living room. Don’t forget to add greenery in large pots to bring a natural vibe and a touch of fresh air to this living room. The white scheme and large windows will also give the impression of being spacious and let the sunlight into the house which will illuminate this room. Bold color sofa cushions from homebnc.

These colorful pillows will give you a more summer atmosphere and will create a cheerful room. This pillow is so hot that you can’t handle it. Adding some geometric patterns will create an interesting room for you to try. This pastel blue sofa will also create a cozy and inviting space. Plus, a few colorful blossoms will create a stylish and cheerful room. Some of these ornaments and cheerful colored books will also create the perfect decoration of the room and will make your living room more attractive. Don’t forget to also add a framed abstract painting placed over the sofa to provide the perfect focal point. Colorful pillows from homebnc.

Tropical Vibes

What is the meaning of summer without the colorful flowers that bloom? If the bouquet of flowers can not be enjoyed throughout the season, then you should replace it with a more soft and tender floral arrangement.

You can try giving a troipcal vibe in your garden behind the house by adding colorful flowers to your pillow decoration. You can pair it with a wooden sofa with soft cushions for a cozy and inviting look. Some of the colorful blooming flowers in these pots will also provide a cheerful and fresh room decoration for you to try. You can choose jute carpet besides providing comfort, this carpet will last long in any weather so it is suitable for you to put on your backyard terrace. Colorful flowers pillow from lushome.

Those are the simple and easiest things that you can do to bring summer spirit in your home. Let’s get spark your home with some summer-themed pillows.