A terrarium often serves its purpose as a decorative piece at the house. However, with our terrarium ideas below, you can upgrade its look to increase the ornamental value. You can also give it away as a gift because these are some severe cuteness you shouldn’t miss.

Wall Terrariums

Why not mount your terrariums to the wall for a change? With its ability to add some intrigue into a room, wall terrariums work magic for places like hallways or living rooms.

Decorate your plain wall with several terrariums that are applied in round pots of different sizes for a more artistic look. This terrarium pot also has a colorful outer surface that makes your plain wall more colorful and more vibrant. Soil, gravel and white stones are the right planting media and do not make your wall area look dirty when watered. Hanging terrarium with colorful round pots from thespruce.

Don’t leave your walls plain, monotonous and boring. You can hang several terrarium walls with colorful round containers, this container has different sizes so that it gives an artistic impression that is not excessive. The surrounding greenery and vines are an additional decoration that can be refreshing and not easily boring. Wall terrarium with different size containers from theapollobox.

Glass Bulb Terrariums

Glass bulbs are underrated. There, we said it. You should consider upgrading your succulents to glass bulb terrariums because they’re super pretty to look at. Once placed under a room with excellent sunlight flow, the glass can also glint beautifully.

Do you have an old glass light bulb? If so, then you can use it as a container for a small terrarium filled with greenery and moss. Soil is a planting medium that you can easily get around the house. Place this small glass bulb terrarium in your outdoor or indoor home decor as it is so easy to move anywhere you want. Do not forget to provide enough sunlight so that the plants in it do not rot and die easily. Small terrarium glass light bulb from guidepatterns.

Take advantage of used items in your home as inexpensive room decorations and of course very easy to make. This glass light bulb that has been converted into a terrarium is the best choice that you can try, before using it as a container for the terrarium, you should first clean it so that it looks more optimal when used as decoration that will be seen by many people. Reuse the glass light bulb as a terrarium container from guidepatterns.

Cactus Cage

We think we can all agree that potted cactus makes a great decoration at home. When you have all your cactus lined up, you can consider building them a little antique glass house—essentially making it a cute little greenhouse.

To protect your cactus from animal or human attack, you can use a small glass house that has a transparent surface. You can combine glass with wood for a more antique look and of course it is ready to be placed in your garden decoration. In this little house, you can use small pots filled with cacti of different types and sizes. The combination of glass with wooden material small cactus cage from backyardboss.

An easy way to bring a vintage vibe to your garden decor is to use a cactus cage made of transparent glass and rusty metal. This cage cactus is equipped with a small clay pot, besides that this cactus plant also has different types and shapes that make garden decorations more colorful. You can put this cactus cage anywhere because it is not too big. Vintage cage cactus with small pots from backyardboss.

Hexagon Mini Garden

You can move several separate terrariums into a wooden hexagonal mini gardenias well—a super-easy way to look over the plants in one place. This mini structure is also super easy to build!

This DIY hexagon terrarium is made from the main material of wood which is easy to find around your home. Make sand and soil a very cheap planting medium, these two growing media have different colors so that they seem more contrasting and beautiful. You can use some succulents and cacti to make it look more colorful and of course greener. DIY wooden hexagon terrarium from backyardboss.

Hanging Glass Sphere Terrarium

If your terrarium is a living air plant inside, consider hanging it inside a glass sphere in a room. A glass sphere terrariums particularly useful for you or those who often forget to water the plant, considering the plant absorbing the water they need from the air.

Hang your glass terrarium using a sturdy woven rope so it doesn’t fall easily and cause chaos in your home decor. These three kinds of succulent plants are perfect choices that you can put in a round glass terrarium with soil planting media. There is no need to water this plant too much with water, just sprinkle it a little because if it is too much it will cause rot. Glass terrarium with different succulent plants from balconygardenweb.

Take advantage of the empty wall area to hang the terrarium glass which forms like water droplets. Hang this terrarium glass using a sturdy iron and not easily porous. Usually this terrarium contains green plants, succulents and black sand as the right planting medium. You can try it right now in your home decor. Glass terrarium water droplets from balconygardenweb.

Don’t let your globe glass terrarium get bored and monotonous, you can complete it with a black and white ribbon tied at the top. Hang your glass terrarium in areas of the house that guests frequent for different views that you can easily create. Black sand becomes a clean planting medium and does not make the surface of the glass terrarium dirty easily. Globe glass terrarium from balconygardenweb.

What do you think of our terrarium ideas above? We certainly can see a collection of beautiful terrariums at your house after this!