Nowadays, having a garden in your backyard can be considered luxurious, especially in an urban area. Many cities are now developing rapidly, and buildings are established effectively so that more people can stay at a certain ground area because of limited space. Thus, residential apartments and flats can be commonly found compared to conventional housings in this modern era.

Having limited area does not mean people cease to put an effort for greeneries. Many people utilize the limited space to create a balcony or even a terrace garden. After all, having this is beneficial for both health or environment.  Moreover, organic greeneries can be planted here, making you start your day fresh every day. Before you build your own, look at some tips below.

Utilize Vertical Space

With a very limited space, it is very wise to opt for vertical gardening. There are many ideas you can implement for this design. If you love leafy vegetables like lettuce, you can create vertical lettuce planter by yourself using an unused ladder. If you prefer various ranges of plants like ornamental or herb, opt for vertical pallet planter. When there are no ground spaces left, opt for hanging planter holder. This way, you only need a firm wall without needing a ground space.

If you like growing lettuce, herbs, or other leafy greens, this project is for you. With minimal space and effort, make this vertical planter. You can try this simple project to complete the look of your patio garden. Use a vertical lettuce planter from a used ladder to give your garden a different look. You can combine it with several other plants to give a fresh air on the terrace. Vertical ladder planter from balconygardenweb.

You can have a wide variety of plants in the form of herbs, green vegetables, and ornamental plants that grow in the limited space you have, this way. You can try using a palette that is not used to decorate your garden. Place it on a wooden fence to give your garden a natural touch and a fresh air. Vertical pallet planter from balconygardenweb.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a large outdoor area, you can still create lots of space with the help of a vertical garden. You can add a hanging teracota planter with macram straps. Use three pots and string in a pile to create the perfect vertical garden. You can decorate a patio garden yourself by buying ropes and some cheap teracota pota. Hanging teracota planter from balconygardenweb.

Select the Right Plants

Do not rush and start with plants you are familiar with. If you are really new and want to try planting a fast-growing vegetable, try capsicum, spinach, or coriander. These types of vegetables are easy to grow for a beginner. When you are used to planting, go for more challenging greeneries. If you have a huge rooftop, consider creating your own isolated garden. You might want to opt for low maintenance tall plants and trees like the combination of bamboos and grasses. This way, you can isolate yourself from never-ending city’s hustling and bustling.

Although it can be a threat that quickly spreads when planted in the ground, this bamboo plant can create fresh air on your roof terrace. This bamboo plant can create the perfect privacy screen on your roof terrace. You can plant them in garden beds on wooden pallets to make them look neat. Add a seating area to complement the garden decoration. Bamboo plants from bhg.

With large leaves, this banana plant has low peawatam. Place the plant in the center of a garden bed, or behind a garden near a fence for tropical heights. Although most are plain green, mix it with a few plants that have dark red spots or white edges to make it more interesting. Don’t forget to add a seating area to enjoy the air on the garden terrace. Banana plant from bhg.

When choosing plants for your roof garden, you must pay attention to the environment in which they come from. Low maintenance and coastal plants do well in sunny open roofs as well as plants that are usually found on rocky slopes. Adding plants to a laden bed will make the garden tidy, don’t forget to add a seating area to make your garden look comfortable. Low maintenance and coastal plants from housebeautiful.

Combining planting with a sitting area and using tall plants on a raised bed behind the chairs will create an ambiance and give your patio garden privacy. No matter what style of furniture you choose, make sure it is tough for all types of weather. Several low-maintenance plants were chosen to give a fresh and aloof impression. Low-maintenance plants from housebeautiful.

Adjust the Colors

When establishing the garden, keep in mind that you are not making a jungle. Make sure to keep everything tidy and aesthetic. You can do this by arranging the colors of the background and the plants you want to grow.

Create a charming container garden on the patio, plant colorful flowers to adorn your garden. Most terraces are sunny and the flowers are easy to grow on these terracotta pots for a cheerful garden look. Make a beautiful flower garden with an even combination of perennials and annuals. Don’t forget to add a wooden bench to put your plants or to enjoy the fresh air. Colorful flowers terracotta pots from balconygardenweb.

Combining green plants with this wooden deck gives color to your garden terrace. Equipped with lighting under plants will give an attractive appearance. Don’t forget to add a seating area equipped with wooden chairs to enjoy the fresh air in your garden. Green plants with wooden deck from balconygardenweb.

By using colors on this garden terrace you will get a colorful decoration and will attract the attention of many people. Several colorful blooming flowers, a seating area and a green canopy add color to your garden. An excellent use of used tires you can see here, these planters were made after a few DIY hacks. Colorful blooming flowers and green canopy from balconygardenweb.

Those are some tips for your terrace garden.