A beautiful courtyard garden is a dream of many. The breath of fresh air and the splendid colorful view just in the back of your home is undeniably precious. Having an enjoyable moment here after a week full of the tiring hustle and bustle of life is priceless. However, not everyone is blessed by a vast space for a courtyard garden.

While a smaller garden is easier to maintain, it needs more thoughts when arranging to prevent it from becoming a cramped garden. Fortunately, there are always hacks to turn that tiny space into a garden of beauty. You only have to be a little more creative. To help you, here are some ideas.

Utilize Shelves and Hooks

While many shelves and hooks are found in the interior, using it in your courtyard garden will make the overall looks nicer and tidier. With several shelves for pots and lanterns, you can add extra areas in the lower level for other plants and decorations. In addition, a recycled peg rail can function as a hook to hang outdoor lighting or hanging pots. Remember to mount the shelves and hooks to your firmer garden’s walls instead of the fragile fence.

Adding two side-by-side trellises is a brilliant idea to decorate your little garden. Attaching it to the window can make the walls more attractive. Using hooks to attach plants in pots provides a neat garden decoration. You can try it now because it will save space and can become a garden focal point. Don’t forget to add some other greenery to provide fresh air. Two trellis with hook and planter from balconygardenweb.

If you live in an apartment then every inch of space is precious to you and having a vertical hanging garden like this one can add more planting space to your garden. You can make your own using wooden pallets and rope so that you are giving a small garden on a budget. Hang it on the wall of your small garden so it will be the perfect focal point of your garden. This open shelf model will not take up much space. Vertical shelves hanging garden from balconygardenweb.

Go Vertical

When the space is limited, both interior and exterior arrangements can opt for vertical designs. You can build a living wall by simply adding some horizontal fence panels to the side of the shed. In this design, walls and fences are the best way to save some spaces since they can be easily transformed into a magnificent vertical garden. Using an unused ladder could also add some aesthetic in this hack.

Using spring flower arrangements in shades of purple and white, this red wooden box creates a vertical garden with fresh, clean lines. Attach it to a wooden fence to create a backdrop that makes for a pleasing visual impact. This method can maximize space in a small garden and will save space in your small garden. By planting this flower will give color to your small garden. Wooden box creates vertical garden from homebnc.

A vertical garden design with a wire backdrop is part of the beauty of this clever little garden design. Hang attached clay pots with metal hooks and arrange them vertically for a simple display. Succulents, ivies, ferns, and geraniums can be added to fill the pot for a pretty, practical display. Don’t forget to add a soft chair to enjoy the air in your garden. Tiny garden backdrop with chicken wire from homebnc.

Liven up a bland, boring room by stacking planter boxes in bright colors. The overall effect causes the eye to move upwards, creating visual interest and providing interesting textures and colors. The squares are attached to the planks painted in white for the perfect contrast making them the focal point of a tiny, attractive garden. Place it next to the entrance to save your space. Pink planter boxes from homebnc.

This tiny vertical garden makes a big impact thanks to its artful use of color. Using terracotta pots painted in colors can create a vertical garden focal point and will add to your stylish look. You can attach this vertical plant to a wooden fence and keep your little garden fresh and beautiful. Terracotta pots painted from homebnc.

Metal pipe lengths of contrasting colors create juxtaposition between industries as succulent plants are added in various shades. Thin metal wire connects each planter, adding stability while creating a ladder-like effect that draws the eye upwards. The use of succulents is a popular choice because of their minimal requirements and low maintenance. Hanging metal pipe planter from homebnc.

You can add a blank wall to a small garden with matching wooden baskets to accommodate blooming plants of various colors. An ideal way to cover most of the open wall space, these boxes can also be used to grow a variety of flowers and herbs. With this vertical appearance, it makes your garden look tidier and can create more space. Wooden baskets planterd from homebnc.

Use White Paint

When you have limited space, white paint should be one of the solutions. With its brightness, whittle color can do be used to create a sense of space. Moreover, the color is also effective to emphasize highlight. Even though the color may look simple, empty, and unfriendly, combining it with the colorful garden items would empower the lively florals.

Paint the walls and fences a pale color. In small spaces, especially in big cities, light is very expensive and where bricks and wood absorb light and dark areas, white paint reflects light back and brightens the space. With its brightness, whittle color can be used to create a broad impression. Apart from that, the color is also effective in accentuating the highlights. Don’t forget to add a seating area to enjoy the air in your tiny garden. White wall tiny garden from housebeautiful.

Trellis screens are the perfect way to add a sense of privacy and structure to your backyard. You can paint the trellis white to create a lovely background. These trellis ideas will help shape your patio or garden in style. Don’t forget to add a seating area and a few greenery to create fresh and beautiful air. This brick walkway gives a different look. White trellis ideas from bhg.

Those are some hacks to make the best tiny courtyard garden you should try!