All around the world, the idea of having a tiny house is taking up and replacing mansions and three-stories house. Not only that it is environmentally and financially better, but 68 percent of those who chose tiny houses are also proven to be able to live mortgage-free. The tiny house design also strengthens your communication with your loved ones, which plays a great role in mental health.

While living in a few hundred square feet can be quite challenging, the limited space actually enables you to be creative and innovative with every detail and nook. This article will unfold five inventive tiny house tips and tricks to kickstart your journey.

1.     Opt for a Mounted TV

Think that your living room is too cramped? Time to rearrange your furniture choice. Large electronic consoles can be a hassle when it comes to a tiny house, but you can get tricky by floating them above the floor. For instance, mounting your TV on the wall creates a free floor space for shelves and seating.

If you have a small house but want to add a TV in a room, you can apply a small floating TV that is applied to the wall. Besides being very space-saving, it can also be used to fill the wall space that is still empty. Pair the TV with several frames that have different sizes and themes, such as a series of family photos or small paintings to accompany it. Orchid flowers are a decoration that refreshes the room. Floating TV decorated with several frames from bhg.

By using a wall-mounted TV you will be more flexible in placing some of the other furniture around it. That way you can use several sofas facing the small table in the living room decoration so that they can accommodate many people. Install the TV in the living room so that your guests don’t get bored while visiting as well as daily entertainment that you can use freely. Wall-mounted TV from bhg.

2.     Install Mirrors

Simply the oldest trick to nail every small space, mirrors bring a larger, brighter, and airier impression to your tiny house. Opt for a simple design that doesn’t overwhelm the room and let it speak for itself.

To make the room look wider, the easy thing you can do is to install a mirror that is large enough. For example, applying in a tiny bathroom decoration to give the illusion of a wider room. To make it look different and more artistic, you can apply a mirror with a unique shape and frame, for example in a circle and using a wooden frame which can also give the room a warm impression. Round mirror with wooden frame from mydomaine.

3.     Wall Desk for Home Office

A home office is essential if you’re a freelancer or someone who works from home. This wall desk provides great functionality without taking too much space. You can put your books, laptop, and even photos or potted plants while you’re at it.

If you choose a minimalist decoration for your small house, you can use a floating wooden desk as a working area at home. This office wall desk equipped with lychee has many functions, in addition to working at home you can also use the drawer to store some important equipment so that it is not easily lost and easy to find when needed, besides that the room will also look neat and clean. Floating wooden desk from idealhome.

You can install this floating office table in the corner of the room to save more space so that it can provide a place to put other furniture. You can combine this office wall table with an open shelf above it to store your documents or book collections. You can use wood to give it a natural impression and make it easier for you to get it. Corner wall desk from hgtv.

4.     Connect Spaces with Glass Doors

Tiny house designs rely on glass dividers and reflecting surfaces, which is the reason why you should leave walls and opt for a glass door instead. The transparent surface connects spaces without obstructing the view, resulting in a bigger room.

Another easy way to make a room look spacious for your tiny house is to use a glass door with a sturdy metal handle that connects the rooms. This glass door will be more perfect if combined with an all white room so that light will enter and be reflected by the white walls perfectly throughout the room. Glass door with metal handle from tinyheirloom.

You can connect the room with wooden doors combined with glass. For example, in the small kitchen of your tiny house that uses wooden doors to make it stronger and combined with glass in the middle. You can also use transparent glass walls for maximum finish. The combination of glass and wood on the door from tinyheirloom.

5.     Utilize Every Space

The philosophy of a tiny house is to utilize every space, even the most trivial ones such as a windowsill. Rather than investing in a small table, put your lamp, decoration, and other essentials there and keep your room clutter-free.

Use every corner of your tiny house to the fullest. For example, you can use the side of the kitchen facing the window for a place to eat or just relax. While enjoying the view outside the house, you can eat the dishes that are served. Use a wall table combined with windowsill, which can be used as a table to save more space. Floating dining table windowsill from digsdigs.

You can also place a small long daybed on the side of the window to take advantage of the empty space in your private library in your home decor. A small daybed equipped with throw pillows that are neatly arranged on top, allowing you to fill your spare time by reading a book while relaxing enjoying the outdoor view. Corner daybed from digsdigs.

You can also take advantage of the lower part of the window where there is still free space to place a small cabinet that is parallel to the window sill. Not only that, you can also use the top of the cabinet for seating by using foam that matches the size of the cabinet and placing some throw pillows on it. Cabinet storage with daybed from digsdigs.

For a first-timer, a tiny house might be quite challenging to deal with. However, if you know the right tips and tricks, you can easily style your clutter-free space and enjoy the minimalistic life it brings.