Having a vivid floral or greenery color inside your house makes the room looks nicer and fresher. However, having plants inside the house might be troublesome, you need to take care of it every day, change the water, add some fertilizer, or dispose and replace it when it withered. It might be enjoyable for some people, but for some others, it is just too much work to do.

Fortunately, there are always modern solutions to modern problems. If you opt for artificial plants like vines decoration, you can still have a fresh-looking plant in your house, and it only needs low to none maintenance. There are many choices you can opt for; you can choose any decorations that will fit the room perfectly. To help you, here are some ideas you can try.

Moonflower Mantle

Moonflower is night-blooming morning glory. Usually, the vine can reach up to 15 feet; thus this type of climbing plant would suit the walls in your room well. Scatter several artificial moonflowers across your mantle and keep the rest look as natural as possible to create an aesthetic effect in your living room.

Complete the look of your modern marble mantle with a moonflower creeping up on the top surface. You can put it between candles and aromatherapy in the room. Trim the moonflower when the leaves are on the floor to keep the room looking tidy. These vines are a decoration that adds fresh oxygen in the room. Modern marble mantle with moonflower from lonny.

Look when this moonflower is in bloom, doesn’t it look beautiful and give your room a feminine impression. This moonflower has white flowers which give it an elegant and luxurious color. Let these vines thrive as a decoration for your mantle so that it is not too boring and tedious. Mantle decor with white moonflower from theperfectpalette.

Combine vines with other greenery in one area to produce a focal point for a room that looks fresher. You can put a moonflower in the mantle that is still empty and unfilled, don’t forget to use the floor area around the fireplace to place potted greenery with a few candles that give it a dramatic and warm impression. The combination of the moonflower mantle with other greenery from huffpost.

Vines in Your Bedroom

Bringing some greenery to your bedroom is such a fresh idea to freshen up your private room. The greenery can be formed vines. The vines are able to make your bedroom looks fresh and change the atmosphere more naturally. You can place the vines on your headboard, walls, or hang them on the ceiling with a proper planter.

Change the appearance of your pallet headboard with some potted plants that will refresh the atmosphere in your bedroom. If you want to apply vines, then hanging them with pots on the roof of the bedroom is a smart idea. Make this plant a natural focal point. Hanging pot vines from digsdigs.

The vines are one of the plants that can decorate your bedroom wall beautifully. These vines appear bright so that they look even more beautiful. The advantages of this plant are also resistant in all weather so it is very easy to care for. You can try this vine idea in your favorite bedroom decor. Vines on the bedroom wall from digsdigs.

Make the atmosphere in the bedroom cooler with some vines hanging on the roof of your room. You can use the pot as a favorite container to use. This plant is very safe to use indoors, let this plant get sunlight through the glass window so that its development is more fertile and maximized. Choose other types of plants to decorate your bedroom floor. Hang the vines near window from digsdigs.

Take advantage of the bedroom wall that is still empty to hang several plants of different types and sizes. Vines are one of the must-have plant ideas because they will decorate the wall beautifully and not be boring. The rattan wicker pot adds a simple natural impression but still attracts everyone’s attention. Vines with rattan woven container from digsdigs.

Vines in the Living Room

Pillar candles are mainstream. Decorate your living room with a more adventurous item. To create this cool focal point, you only need some unique planter and several vines of your choice. You can opt for an oriental bittersweet vine for a more minimalistic look, delicate pink or white sweet pea vine for a romantic look, or colorful bougainvillea vine to make your room livelier than ever.

If you have a living room that is small, then hanging vines is a smart decoration idea that you can emulate. You can place this plant right on the sofa, trim the vines when they start to creep down so that they don’t interfere with your space when sitting or lying down. Rubber plants complement the freshness of the room that you can imitate. The vines hanging over the sofa from apartmenttherapy.

The vines placed in the living room will look more modern and clear with the addition of bright blue LEDs, besides that these LEDs also give a dramatic impression to the room. These vines will change your living room instantly and will become a sight for every guest who comes to your home. Vines are equipped with LED from home-designing.

There is nothing wrong with putting some vines in your living room to enliven the room so that it feels fresher and less boring. Set this plant laying pattern so that it doesn’t look messy. Use a rope to hang the pot vines to make them stronger and not fall easily. Not all green plants have to be hung, you can also take advantage of the empty floor space so that it is more useful. Hang the vines with ropes from decoist.

Decorate the mantle in the living room with two vines on the right and left. You can also add hanging vines in the corner of the room as a complement and a finishing touch that refreshes the room. These vines are very easy to care for because you just need to water them with a splash of water. Do regular watering so that the vines can thrive and be healthy. Vines as decoration mantle in the living room from decoist.

Those are the vines decorations you will love!