When you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, doing laundry is an almost daily duty, particularly if you have children. Your piles of laundry may just be unbearable. How can you make your laundry routine be more enjoyable?

Well, you can look at some of these vintage laundry room décor ideas to trigger your creativity. Personalize your laundry space for enhanced laundry experience!

1.     Lost & Found Laundry Sign

Hanging a lost and found laundry sign gives you means to put up half of those pairs of socks, gloves, and so on, for a cute reminder every time you walk into your laundry room. This vintage laundry room décor is not only functional, but it also invites your family members to take responsibilities of their own clothes.

Use reclaimed wood as a laundry sign that gives it a vintage style without being overwhelming. You can use black paint for the writing idea to make it look more clear and detailed. This laundry sign will be more multifunctional when equipped with an iron hook to hang your clothes using a hanger. Try installing this laundry sign vertically surrounded by this shabby vintage wooden storage. Reclaimed wood sign laundry from homebnc.

If you have a wall area that is still empty then you can decorate it with a laundry hanging sign in gray with white writing. The greenery around the laundry sign is an additional decoration that refreshes the room as a whole. You can place a small sign under it on the wooden countertop you have. Gray color sign laundry from homebnc.

2.     Wooden Shelves with Vintage Décor

A rustic wooden shelf is a vintage laundry room décor in itself. More if you spice it up with vintage displays of classic wood-plan signs, indoor plants, transparent jars of laundry supplies, and others.

Floating wooden shelves are an open storage idea that you can use to put some washing equipment openly. It’s not just enough here, on this wooden shelf you can also put some beautiful ornaments such as a vintage laundry sign and some clay pots filled with green plants. Hang this rack directly above your washing machine to make it easier to pick up washing supplies when needed. Floating wooden shelves from homebnc.

If you need open storage in the laundry room decor, then installing a teak wood hanging rack is the right idea and you can try it. Install this hanging rack just above the white backsplash tile with a splash of blue. Place all the washing utensils on this shelf neatly, don’t forget to put this gold framed painting as an artistic addition. Teak wood hanging rack from homebnc.

Take advantage of the empty wall area for open storage ideas by installing rectangle wood shelves several levels up. Use iron supports to make them stronger when used for more storage. No need to paint this wooden shelf to make it look more natural and present a vintage impression that looks simple. Wooden shelves without paint as an open storage idea from homebnc.

3.     Tinned Cans & Buckets

Tinned cans and buckets put up on the shelves or walls of your laundry room are among the best vintage laundry room décor you can create yourself. Label your cans and buckets for a more organized space.

Use a few galvanized buckets as a storage helper idea in your small laundry room. Don’t forget to add a black label as a marker that you can stick on the outer surface of the buckets. These buckets have strong, non-porous material so they will last longer when used repeatedly. Place this storage under the wooden storage rack. Galvanized buckets with a black label from onekindesign.

4.     Wicker Baskets

Cupboard storage is conventional. Go for more flexible storage spaces such as baskets. Made of wicker material, these baskets are the vintage laundry room décor you may consider for both aesthetic and efficiency. You can carry them around to help you transport your clothes. Otherwise, leave them on the shelves or under the laundry bench for convenient storage.

This white floating crate rack has a large enough room so that it is easier to use to put some of your wicker baskets in an orderly and neat way. Don’t forget to add a lid to this basket to avoid dirt or dust when used to store some of your clean towels. Wicker baskets on crate floating from racks homebnc.

The more wicker baskets you use, the more storage space you can use. Do not forget to provide a written label on the outside of this basket to find out the contents of the basket from an early age without having to pick it up and get it wrong. You can have this basket with different shapes and sizes according to the size of your floating shelf. Basket woven label with writing from homebnc.

When you need a container to organize washing utensils and equipment according to your needs, use more than one rattan wicker basket. To save the floor area, you can put it on a wooden shelf and on a table beside the washing machine. Besides that, the wicker basket also fits perfectly with the vintage style you are looking for. Wicker baskets for organizing washing supplies from onekindesign.

5.     Rustic Laundry Bench

A laundry bench made of wood planks with brown or dark brown finishing makes your laundry room looking vintage than ever. This laundry bench is not merely a vintage laundry room décor, but it is must-have furniture on which you can fold your clothes. Furthermore, while passing time waiting for your laundry, you may read a magazine and enjoy a cup of coffee on this lovely bench.

There’s nothing wrong with using a rectangle bench as a relaxing area while waiting for your clothes to be processed in the washing machine. Cover this white wood stool with brown leather cushions for a softer, smoother texture. The advantage of this bench is that it has a storage area that you can use to put some shoes or sandals in an orderly and neat way. Rectangle stool with a layer of leather cushions from homebnc.

Get inspired with more vintage laundry room décor ideas out there, or simply start with your own laundry room revival project soon. Good luck!