Believe it or not, simple wall décor can change the ambiance of the whole room. If you decorate it correctly, you’re guaranteed to have one of the most charming rooms in the world, beating even an art gallery. Therefore, if you’re unsure about how to decorate it, make sure to check out these wall décor ideas and inspire your creativity.

1. Hang a large mirror

A large mirror on the wall has multiple functions. In addition to it being a stunning wall décor, it can also illuminate the room during the day by reflecting the sunlight to it. There are several wall décor ideas you can implement with a large mirror.

First, get a mirror in every shape or form that has an exciting design. Then, install either a large mirror that stands out on its own, or a small mirror that’s surrounded by other wall décors.

If you need light reflection around the staircase area, then installing several mirrors of different shapes and sizes on a white wall surface is the right idea that you can try. This mirror frame is made of wood so that it seems more natural, especially if your wooden stairs are covered with rattan woven rugs, the feel of the room seems more environmentally friendly. Hanging mirrors of different sizes and shapes from goodhousekeeping.

In addition to providing light reflection in the room, mirrors are also wall decorations that make the walls look more colorful and less boring. Just use a variety of shapes with different styles as decorations that don’t require a lot of expenses. This mirror is enhanced by blooming flowers that are placed right above the nightstand so that it is fresher and makes your bedroom decor smell more fragrant. Mirror wall decor from thespruce.

Are the walls in your staircase plain and seem more monotonous? If so, then you can use several mirrors covered with a vintage metal frame with a shiny gold color. Complete the look of this staircase with a patterned carpet that perfectly lines your wooden staircase. The combination of this carpet with mirrors brings vintage and contemporary nuances at the same time. Staircase mirrored from thespruce.

2. Build a minimalist bookshelf

Want to have a form of practicality on the wall, but with style? Then, build a contemporary, eye-catching wall bookshelf due to its capability to blend in with most other wall décor ideas. Additionally, a minimalist bookshelf is a generic wall décor that works in a room of any designs, plus it’s easy to make.

A good example is to attach a number of white wooden boards to the wall. Once the bookshelf’s finished, you can put a plethora of small items that work as a wall décor as well.

Take advantage of your living room wall as a standing bookshelf that makes the living room decor seem more artistic. Use wood which is repainted with white as a bookshelf with a cleaner appearance and of course in accordance with the theme of your room. The two framed paintings of different sizes are a sweet finishing touch and can of course be enjoyed as a different scene. Built in wooden wall bookshelves from housebeautiful.

So that the corner of the room in the living room decoration is more useful, then you can install a vertical bookcase made of melamine wood in a different color to the paint on the walls of this room. This wooden shelf consists of several layers so that you will store more of your favorite books safely, this bookcase is also an open storage that will help you find the book that is targeted. Corner vertical bookshelf from housebeautiful.

3. Display an array of large framed images 

Framed images can be a family picture, personal picture with friends/loved one, pets/animals, inspiring quotes, and/or pure arts. The great thing about it is that there are tons of wall décor ideas that utilize framed arts.

Hang several large paintings with matching colored frames for a more artistic wall appearance. This painting, which has a combination of black and white, has a different theme that makes the living room decor seem more lively. Here you can use interiors such as sofas and tables with earth tone colors for a warmer and more neutral atmosphere in the room. Two large paintings with black frames from mydomaine.

4. Hang antique plates

Some people might consider antique plate as an old-school wall décor that makes your room quite old. But believe it, with the right design and placement, antique plate can become a charming décor that lasts for a long time.

Bring an antique feel to the decor of your small living room by installing several patterned ceramic plates that have a blue and white color combination. You can hang and arrange these plates according to the shape of the mirror in the middle. Some of the ceramic ornaments placed on the mantle are also the perfect mix that you can try together. Antique ceramic plates with a combination of blue and white from ballarddesigns.

Another option for decorating the walls in your dining room is to hang several antique ceramic plates vertically in the corner of the room. You can use five plates of two types, different patterns and colors. It’s not enough here, some canvas flower paintings are also complementary to make this dining room more lively and colorful. Vertical wall decor antique plates from ballarddesigns.

5Spread a tapestry

Tapestry is a handmade textile art, made from a variety of threads that also create a beautiful pattern. Spreading a tapestry as a wall décor not only adds artistic value to the room, but it also makes the room feel luxurious.

So that the white paint walls in the bedroom decor are more colorful, then you can use a round patterned tapestry with a combination of three different colors, namely red, black and gold. All of these colors will blend perfectly in a tapestry that has a vintage vibe. Choose a tapestry with a larger size to serve as a beautiful and unusual focal point. Vintage tapestry with round pattern from architecturaldigest.

Choose and use a classic tapestry combined with several gold chairs as a complement to a room in your home decor. This tapestry covers part of the walls of your house perfectly without presenting a boring impression that will become a different view in the room. A book placed on a chair will fill your relaxing day at the weekend. You can try this tapestry easily without the need for professionals when installing it. Classic tapestry from architecturaldigest.

Overall, decorating your wall is actually pretty easy to do. You have a plethora of wall décor ideas to choose from, and most of the décors are quite affordable. At the end of the day, let these designs inspire you and make your personal wall décor to your heart’s desire.