Many people have realized that their wardrobe has been more than to store clothes and stuff. It is where wardrobe design ideas come in! Regardless of your wardrobe size, our ideas below come with a promise that you’ll have better organization and storage. More than that, it’ll also be much more stylish and efficient as well.

Floating Shelves

Go for an access plan with a set of floating shelves instead of boxed ones. With an open design that helps you quickly locate small items; you can use its far end side for hangers.

You can try using a wooden wardrobe that is equipped with a floating shelf to store your dressing needs. The floating shelf which is equipped with several pull-out drawers will make it easier for you to sort things for storage. Also add a hanger to make the clothes you keep protected from creasing. Use wood as the main material for this floating shelf to match the dominant color of the room with wood accents. Wooden floating shelves from architectureartdesigns.

To get the maximum lighting it would be nice if you apply white to your floating shelf. The white color will reflect light to all parts which will make it easier for you to find something you are looking for. Not only equipped with a hanger and a pull-out drawer, you can also add a shoe rack with several stacking so that it can accommodate a lot of shoes to be stored in the same room or wardrobe so that the shoes are not scattered everywhere. White color floating shelves from architectureartdesigns.

Inner Storage Space

Storage inside storage: efficient and smart, if not resourceful. Besides the floating cabinets, why not put another storage layer for a more space-saving result? Wardrobe’s inner storage space is super useful for storing (and hiding) jewelry and other expensive items.

Keep your valuables in the right place, for example in the wardrobe. That way you need additional storage such as boxes so that your valuables are safer, internal storage is the right solution. You can add storage to the inside of your wardrobe, making it hidden storage that other people rarely think about. Wardrobe with storage box from housebeautiful.

Sliding Mirrored Door

Consider merging a mirror to your closet door, because honestly, it’s going to be much more efficient. Make it into sliding mirrored doors if you can, because we believe it looks super sleek and modern.

To save space when decorating the bedroom, you can use sliding doors in the wardrobe. If you want to use a mirror, it can also be attached to a sliding door to save more space. Having a sliding door that is multifunctional like this is very beneficial, in addition to making the room look tidy, the large mirror on the sliding door will give the illusion of making the room look more spacious. Multifunctional mirror wardrobe doors from shelterness.

Making a mirror as a sliding door for your wardrobe is a smart idea. Besides giving a broad impression to the bedroom, this can also make it a hidden wardrobe in your bedroom. Using this ceiling-high sliding mirror door, it makes people think there is a space inside. Ceiling to floor sliding mirror door from shelterness.

Using several large mirrors that are used as sliding doors provides a double function, mirrors that can reflect light throughout the room so that you can get the perfect lighting. That way the room will look wider and brighter, especially if it is supported by a bright room color it will certainly give an extraordinary final result. The mirror is also a tool to check your appearance before leaving the bedroom. Large mirror wardrobe doors from shelterness.

Behind the Wall

Many people think that a walk-in closet is supposed to be in a separate room for it to work. However, a simple wardrobe behind the wall can also suffice for this! As long as you make sure your clothes are out of sight, you already have your very own walk-in closet.

So that your wardrobe does not interfere with the space for movement when you are in a limited space, then applying it behind a wall is the right decoration idea that you can imitate. This wardrobe is very open, making it easier for you to find clothes or shoes that will be used that day. Doesn’t it look neat and saves more of your floor space. Open wardrobe behind the wall from architectureartdesigns.

Think about having a wardrobe behind the wall for a small room décor. You can store all your daily needs in this room neatly and of course more regularly, to avoid dusting your clothes or shoes, you can also complete it with wooden doors that have been repainted with pastel blue colors, this color gives the room a brighter and fresher feel. of course. Wardrobe behind the wall with pastel doors from architectureartdesigns.

Bath and Closet

This last idea may not work out with your existing house layout, but you can consider combining the bath and closet into one room. Besides saving a lot of space, this setup makes dressing up after showering become much more hassle-free.

Do you need storage in bathroom decorations? If so, then you can install a wardrobe right next to your shower room or more precisely on the floor in a dry area. Match the color of the wardrobe with the color tone of the bathroom room to make it look more vague and hidden so that it blends in perfectly. Metal handle with black color makes it easy for you to use this furniture. Wardrobe in dry floor area from laurelberninteriors.

If you have a bathroom decoration that has a wider size, then there’s nothing wrong with putting a wardrobe right in front of your sink. This wardrobe has a white color that matches the feel of the room, choose melamine wood with a softer and more shiny texture to present a modern style and of course never out of date. The clothes rack in the middle of the dry floor can be used to hang the clothes you want to wear. Melamine wood wardrobe in front of bathroom sinks from contemporist.

Hopefully, the wardrobe design ideas above work with your existing furniture piece!