If you have the luxury to have a backyard garden, it is a waste to not make the most out of it. Many people dream of relaxing in their garden while breathing the fresh air from the greeneries in their leisure time. After all, it is the part of your home, and if you utilize it correctly, you can get many benefits. A great and good-looking garden would please not only your eyes but also those who visit your house.

Not to mention, gardening vegetables, fruits, and herbs allow you to get these fresh greeneries every day. You will also have a healthier environment. Moreover, you can design your garden as you like. Therefore, maximizing every functional and aesthetic element of your garden is also possible. Hence these beautiful water spray multifunction ideas might also be implemented in your garden.

Sparkling Beads Watering Décor

This idea is quite simple, and you can still retain the functional element of water can while at the same time utilizing its aesthetic value. The idea is easy to be executed by yourself. You only need a watering tin or plastic can, floral wire, and sparkling beads. Arrange the beads and tie them with the floral wire to the watering can’s nozzle so that they resemble pouring water. Then, use the floral wire to hang the can diagonally to your plants. Now you will have decorative water spray while at the same time the functional watering can.

The role of sparkling beads here is to replace the illustration of water coming out of your galvanized water can. Hang this water can on a strong iron pole for a DIY decoration in your garden decoration. At the same time, you can also change the function of this water can to water the plants and flowers that you have in your garden. DIY water can decor with sparkling beads from craftsbyamanda.

Instead of the function of water can as outdoor decoration that attracts public attention. You can replace the water accents with transparent sparkling beads as an illustration that looks more real. Hang this water can in an area that your friends or family often visit as a unique view and different from other garden decorations. With this water can, your garden will look more creative. Instead of the function of the water can as an outdoor garden decoration from craftsbyamanda.

When you have more than one water can in your garden, use one of these galvanized water cans as a beautiful and creative outdoor accent. You can add crystal sparkling beads to some of the nozzle holes to replace the water accents. This decoration idea is very easy for you to try, besides that this water can decor does not require a lot of money when making it. Galvanized water can decor from craftsbyamanda.

PVC Water Spray

Instead of using a tube for the water spray multifunction idea, PVC can be a more interesting item. Connect the water spray to PVC and make sure the PVC is above the ground, so it is visible. Then, you will already have a functional water spray. To make it decorative, you can paint and decorate the PVC pipe as you like. Such as a water park for your children and a DIY PVC “water volleyball” game. Furthermore, you could also arrange the PVC to be a towel rack. Thus, this idea can be both aesthetic and functional.

Assemble a few white PVC pipes for a DIY towel rack that you can use for everyday use. You can place this towel rack outdoors for drying wet towels after washing or using. This PVC pipe towel rack makes it easy for you to move it to another place when needed. In addition, this towel rack is also quite sturdy when used. DIY PVC pipe towel rack from diyprojects.ideas2live4.

Several lines on this PVC pipe towel rack make it easy for you to dry your towels outdoors without worrying about falling and getting dirty. Make this towel rack multilevel for a more creative aesthetic. You can combine several PVCs into one piece for a DIY piece that is very useful for everyday activities. Tiered towel rack PVC pipe from diyprojects.ideas2live4.

You can change the function of a PVC pipe as a children’s play area in your backyard garden. You can easily transfer this PVC pipe to the garden area to water the plants and flowers so that they grow well and are lush. This PVC pipe has a high size but is very light when it is moved, so it doesn’t complicate your activities while in the garden. Instead of PVC pipe as a children’s play area from blog.homedepot.

When you have a backyard with a large garden, then adding a volleyball net made of a series of PVC pipes is the best idea for your child’s play area to stay under your supervision. Besides that, you can also use it to water the grass at the same time. With this PVC pipe doing double duty in your garden decor, this volleyball net idea is very on budget and not difficult to make. PVC pipe volleyball net from blog.homedepot.

Bamboo Spigot

This type of water spray can be seen in many Japanese styled backyards. Utilizing a simple bamboo, you can make this by yourself. While it is functional, a bamboo spigot itself is also beautiful; hence it becomes multifunction.

Cut and arrange the bamboo that you have into a DIY fountain that will make your Zen garden decoration more natural and creative. You can combine it with a rock basin with a dark color, let this water wet the rocks around it to produce a beautiful sound rhythm. You can enjoy the sound of water splashing in a relaxed manner. Making DIY bambo fountains is very easy and does not require a lot of money. DIY a series of natural bamboo fountains from holicoffee.

In order for your garden decoration to be more natural, then instead of using a fountain with stone cement material. You can use bamboo as a fountain in your small stone basin. This splash of water becomes an illusion of sound produced to refresh your brain to be fresher, the splash of water spoils your ears when listening to it. DIY bamboo fountain for stone basin from homebnc.

Fountains made of bamboo are usually used for simple and natural garden decorations. Make a small stone pool to complement this bamboo fountain. This fountain provides a rhythmic sound when it hits the rock base, making it perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere more perfectly. Bamboo fountains for small rock pools from bobvila.

Those are 3 beautiful water spray multifunction ideas you can implement.