Nothing spells seasonal beauty than a window box full of flowers. Various window boxes ideas combine colorful, beautiful flowers to create specific styles. Whether you want a beautiful spring or cheerful summer, a single box next to your window can provide it.

What are the recommended flower arrangements you can try in window boxes? Here are several fantastic ideas.

1.     White and Green Window Boxes

White and green arrangements emit an elegant vibe. You can use flowers like white petunias, begonias, and calla lilies to create beautiful arrangements. Surround them with foliage plants or shrubs for the green. They look beautiful when paired with pale walls and dark window frames.

Decorating the outside windows by adding green and white plants makes for the perfect decoration of the room. Using flowers like these white petunias creates an eye-catching outdoor decoration. Completing the look with this wooden box will create the perfect room decor and will give off an elegant vibe to your home windows. You can also add vines for a stunning room decorating idea. Wooden box with green and white plants from digsdigs.

Chic white window box planter with flowing white flowers and greenery brings out the ultimate in elegance. These decorating ideas will make the room perfect and will create an interesting space. Using a white box complemented by white petunias will look harmonious and attract the attention of many people. Adding a green bush under this box will create a fresh impression. White window box planter from digsdigs.

2.     Red Rose Boxes

Red roses are classic options for a window box, especially if you plant them until the blooms are overflowing. It would be best if you did a lot of trimming and caring, but the result will worth the efforts. When in full bloom, your red rose box will draw the attention of a passerby.

Beauty grows outside your window when you create and install this window box. Blooming with red roses is an extra touch to decorate the exterior of your home. Enjoy your box from the inside too, as the tops of pretty flowers and plants peek just below the window frames. With this idea, it will present an attractive and suitable room for you to try. Using a brick wall will create an attractive outdoor decoration. Red roses with white box from thespruce.

Planting roses for this window box decorating idea makes the outdoor look even more attractive. You can use a wooden box painted brown to make the perfect decoration for the room. A few red roses also add to the appearance of a room and will add to the visual appeal of some. Planting this type of plant requires a lot of pruning and maintenance so the results are worth the effort. Roses on window box from apartmenttherapy.

3.     Bright Spring Box

Spring flowers are popular options for window boxes arrangements. Flowers like petunias and begonias are perfect for creating an overflowing spring box. Choose the ones with bright colors, such as pink, red, orange, and purple.

Choosing an outdoor window box with the addition of spring flowers is a popular choice and makes for attractive indoor décor. Some of these purple and yellow flowers make perfect outdoor decorations that will grab the attention of a large crowd. Using wooden boxes also gives your windows a rustic look. Pairing with white interior paint will provide the perfect contrast. Purple and yellow flowers from thespruce.

These outside window box ideas make any outdoor decor more stylish and have a stunning appearance. Choosing a sping flower will produce an attractive appearance for you to try. This white wooden box also provides the perfect contrast that will make for a perfect décor. Pairing with some greenery will also create a fresh window. Bright spring box from thespruce.

4.     Succulent Box

Succulents are not only suitable as indoor plants. You can plant diverse species of succulents in the window box and see them thrive even until winter. Choose plants with unique colors and shapes to create a beautiful arrangement. Place tall succulents on the back and the short ones in front, before filling the gaps with the tiny ones.

Planting succulents doesn’t have to be indoors. For the perfect indoor decorating idea, you can plant succulents in outdoor window boxes for a more interesting indoor décor. You can grow a wide variety of succulents in a window box and watch them thrive even in winter. Using a white box and blending beige tones in the interior paint will provide the perfect contrast. Succulents box from balconygardenweb.

To create a rustic impression on the outer shutters you can add a rustic wooden box which is equipped with several succulent plants of various sizes for a stunning design. You can grow a wide variety of succulents in a window box and watch them thrive even in winter. Choose plants in unique colors and shapes to create a beautiful arrangement. Rustic box with succulent from balconygardenweb.

5.     Sunshine Arrangement

Create a sunshine-like arrangement by planting bright yellow or orange blooms in the box. Yellow daffodils or sunflowers have a strong summer vibe. For the orange blooms, you can choose zinnias, daisies, and marigolds. You can also combine yellow and orange in one box.

Arranging a few small sunflowers will amplify the summer vibes on your outdoor shutters. You can also add some greenery for maximum results so that it will present a fresh and natural garden. Using a black box combined with a yellow interior design also creates the perfect contrast. So that it will present an attractive room decoration. Small sunflowers on wooden box from bhg.

Choosing a wicker basket box on these shutters will make the perfect room decor and will grab the attention of a large crowd. Adding some yellow and orange flowers will be an interesting room decoration for you to try. A few greenery will also complete the look and will create a fresh, natural looking garden. With ideas like this you can combine them with marron and white interior paint for an attractive room look. Wicker basket box from thespruce.

Many window boxes ideas give options for beautiful seasonal visuals. Experiment with different colors and styles to get the tiny garden of your dream outside the window.