Many things can be done to improve your very own garden, but have you tried doing yard island landscaping? This time, bring your creativity outside with our ideas below. Guaranteed: you’ll have the best curb appeal in the neighborhood afterward!

Flower Bed Borders

Installing fresh sets of flower bed borders is undeniably one of the cheapest and easiest landscaping ideas. The result is also breathtaking, and there are many ways to put more décor to it—for instance, a stone edge.

Using this natural stone flower bed divider will look neater and create an attractive garden decoration for you to try. You can add some greenery and blooming flowers to your backyard garden decoration ideas. Adding green grass and a few other plants will make the perfect garden decoration. Combined with shiplap walls and natural stone, it will make an attractive decoration. Natural stone flower bed borders from homebnc.

This sloping brick is ideal for displaying a garden bed border for this attractive garden decoration. You can use a variety of colored bricks to get the job done, and fill the space with mulch or dark potting soil so that the flowers stand out the most. A small butterfly garden needs a simple but unique edge to accentuate the beautifully colored flowers that attract butterflies. Sloping brick garden bed borders from homebnc.

DIY Water Feature

Your garden can be much more unique in elements with some DIY water features lying around. You can try making fountain waterfalls from environmentally-friendly material like bamboo or re-use old appliances like teapots or watering cans.

Influenced by a simple fountain set in a Japanese garden, this water feature uses bamboo supported on two narrower bamboos to gently drip water into a ceramic basin filled with gravel. Placed near a matching ceramic pot filled with pebbles, this fountain will add a water feature to your garden decor. You can add a few other greenery for a stylish room decoration. Bamboo water feature from homebnc.

The water flowing in this tiered fountain feels refreshing, if you put it in the corner of your garden. You make them from tiers of terra cotta colored pots. The bottom three have rims on which the water slips playfully until it reaches the reservoir. If you want to hide the reservoir, plant some bright green ferns. With decorations like this, your room will look stylish and will steal the attention of many people. Tiered fountain clay poted from homebnc.

Stone Pathway

Regardless of your garden size, it’s pretty nice to have a beautiful, neatly-arranged stone pathway lined up between your plants. Any stones can do for this—which is why it’s so easy to create.

Choosing a stone path in this garden decoration will steal the attention of many people so that it will bring a rural scene into your garden. Adding some greenery along the path will welcome you when you are on the path way. With this decoration, your garden will feel fresh and have a natural impression. Choosing natural stone will give a natural impression to this room. Stone path way from onekindesign.

Using a stone path equipped with green grass in the gap of this path will give your garden a fresh look. Don’t forget to add some green plants and grass on the right and left to greet you while on this path. Adding this wooden pergola will present the perfect garden decoration and have a natural feel. Combined with vines will make a perfect room decoration. Stone path equipped with green grass from onekindesign.

Rose Bushes

Well, any flower can also do, but roses are a unique symbol of elegance and fierceness. Planting rose bushes in the front yard, in particular, elevates your curb appeal in an instant. If roses aren’t your favorite, maybe you’ll love hydrangea.

The roses in this garden provide a unique symbol of elegance and ferocity. Complementing your garden decor with this square bush will make the perfect garden decor. You can also combine it with some greenery and trees around the garden to create the perfect decor and have a fresh impression. The rose will greet you as you walk in your garden. Garden roses from hgtv.

Some of these rose blooming plants add color to your backyard garden decor. Combined with some other green plants, it will make a perfect room decoration and will give a fresh impression to the room. Completing the look with this old wooden bench will create a comfortable garden decoration. This green input will also make a perfect garden. Rose blooming plants from countryliving.

Greenery Garland

It may not be Christmas, but hanging a greenery garland wrapped along the front porch will inevitably boost your yard landscaping up to another level. Besides, since it’s also a plant, the wreath will easily blend your house and yard into a cohesive look.

Not Christmas, adding a garland to the roof of this house will provide greenery on your porch so that it will beautify the room. You can also add string lights for an attractive patio decoration. This wreath of greenery attached to the door will provide the perfect patio decor. The vines on this hedge will provide the perfect greenery. A wreath will easily blend your home and yard into a cohesive look. Greenery garland from housebeautiful.

Your outdoor fireplace deserves the perfect greenery for a fresh outdoor design. Garnish with a green wreath and then place a bowl of red fruit nearby for a pop of color. This natural stone fireplace will add a country house decor to your garden. Some wooden furniture in the form of a wooden sofa and coffee table will be an attractive decoration and will give a rustic touch to your garden. This soft sofa is furnished with several blue and gray patterned cushions for a comfortable and inviting garden design. Outdoor fireplace with garland from housebeautiful.

Those are the yard island landscaping ideas we have compiled just for you. We’re looking forward to seeing how much your yard improves after this!