The Japanese Zen philosophy has made its way to home design, particularly the back or the front yard. Zen garden promotes peace and relaxation, the things that you want to feel when you are coming home. Here are some zen elements to build a calming garden with deep meaning and symbolism.


Crushed stones, sandy gravel, or pebbles are the main element to create a zen garden. It represents the water that spread out across the surface of a portion of your garden. Therefore, you will see these particles in wavy patterns or certain shapes. Use a different type of sands and color to create gradation depending on your taste.

White sand creates the illusion of a river that can unite living space with nature, you can arrange this sand using a rake to get maximum and perfect results. Don’t forget to add lights as lighting in the Zen garden that can help show the presence of sand at night. You can try this garden in your backyard to make it easier for you to enjoy it any time. White sand for garden decoration Zen from digsdigs.

Adding a small rock pool in the Zen garden gives the perfect look, sand being the main accent you must have. Try it with one color of sand as a beginner to make it easier for you when building it. There’s no need to worry about a single color of sand, because this Zen garden has trees with striking red leaves, giving it an exciting and fun color. This garden is an area to refresh your brain to make it fresher. One color sand with red leafy trees from digsdigs.

The grouping of white sand with moss and other green plants can be done randomly but still in a pattern. This Zen garden will look brighter during the day when using white sand. You can use a sand scraper for any patterned design you want. Sand dune is the focal point in this garden because it has its own uniqueness. The sand will be a beautiful sight and feel soft when used as a scenery. White sand grouping with moss and greenery from digsdigs.

You don’t need a large outdoor space to add a sand garden to your Zen Garden. Use two different sand colors for a more beautiful look, black and white sand being the perfect mix. Remove small stones that will spoil the atmosphere of the sand that has been arranged as well as possible. Use a rake tool to make it easier for you when arranging the sand, don’t forget to add green plants around it to add a fresh color. The combination of black sand with white from digsdigs.

Large Stones

When sand represents water, large stones are the symbol of land, tree or woods. A great amount of sand is placed strategically around these large stones. When you create a pattern on the garden with a rake, be careful so that the stones do not ruin the pattern and even become one with the entire design. Combine with tall stones as a representation of trees and wide stones as the earth and soil.

Placing large stones in the area around the sand gives an attractive impression for a Zen garden decoration. You can choose a single stone color with a dark color to create a contrasting color when paired with white sand. Place the stones randomly but keep the sand pattern from being damaged, greenery and moss are the most important parts that you should plant in this Zen garden to add a fresh green feel. The combination of stones with dark colors with white sand from digsdigs.

Choose and use stones of different sizes to complete the Zen garden decor that you will build, this brown sand color frees you to choose stones of any color because of their neutral and warm colors. The combination of sand, stone and green moss will blend perfectly, provide enough sunlight to keep the stone from getting mossy easily. When you place a stone in the sand area, give it its own sand pattern, for example, make it a round shape which is assisted with the rake you have. Use stones of different sizes and colors to decorate your garden Zen from digsdigs.

A tall stone placed in the middle of the sand becomes a focal point decoration that you can try in your Zen garden. The sand and rocks give the illusion of a beautiful river, the atmosphere of this garden will be fresher and more peaceful with the green moss that thrives. Place other stone accents in the area you want, for example next to the moss. A tall rock that is placed in the middle area of the sand from digsdigs.

Green Plants

Making a garden isn’t complete without some green plants. Zen gardens incorporate small vegetation, such as lichen or moss. When a design includes life plants to grow, they are typically very small and do not grow too tall. A common sight for this type of garden is weathered rocks decorated with moss. It gives an accent to the entire garden as a hint of greenery to spread sands and stones.

Green moss is an important accent that you must have in your Zen garden decoration because it is considered a peaceful plant. In addition, moss also has versatility and resistance in cold weather or drought. You can plant moss on sand or small gravel. Green moss as a peaceful plant from digsdigs.

You can grow green moss on a large rock for a fresh view that you can enjoy whenever you want. This medium-sized tree and not too tall is the focal point that complements the Zen garden decor. You can make this Zen garden in the back of the house with ease, use a glass roof to easily bring sunlight into this garden. This sunlight will help fertilize existing plants to make them more shady and fertile. Moss on a large rock with additional accents tree from digsdigs.

The moss that is scattered on the rocks of this Zen garden provides the best refreshing feel. This green moss will thrive when it gets enough sunlight. The moss should be on the plant in a fairly shady and humid place. This patterned white sand will look more contrast when combined with stones of different sizes equipped with moss. The moss scattered on the rocks of the Zen garden from home-designing.

If you are looking for elements to create a Zen garden, you can start with the items mentioned above. There is no right or wrong way to design it. You can incorporate all the elements or some of them. Then, you’ll have a tranquil Zen garden right at home.